Professional Precision Drying Equipment for Curd Bamboo Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The traditional drying method of rot bamboo is air-drying or drying in the oven. The drying time is longer and affected by weather and insect pests. Moreover, the surface moisture of rot bamboo differs greatly from the internal moisture. The dried rot bamboo is crisp, easy to break, and the quality of rot bamboo is not ideal. The strong bamboo dryer keeps better quality, improves the quality of materials, saves a lot of manpower costs, saves time and labor, and has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad!

Yuba dryer strong advantage: good hygiene condition in the box, bright color of finished products; automatic control, reducing labor intensity; no waste water /waste gas /waste residue generation in the drying process, green environmental protection; drying process fully meet the requirements of food hygiene; toughness of bamboo after drying. It is not easy to break.

Equipment and technological process: selection of beans & rarr; peeling & rarr; pickled beans & rarr; grinding & rarr; throwing pulp & rarr; boiling & rarr; filter pulp & rarr; extraction of rot Bamboo & rarr; drying & rarr; packaging

The dryer can also be used for drying rhubarb, Salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng, burdock and other Chinese herbal medicines, as well as for drying of bamboo shoots, fungi, garlic, flowers, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. Drying. Everything sun-dried can be dried.

Yuba dryer through drying practice and data testing in many food, meat products, industry and agricultural enterprises, accumulated rich drying experience, based on complete theoretical calculation and practical combination, to ensure that products can be quickly and low energy consumption drying.

guarantee: 1.100% quality assurance, 100% physical shooting, 100% industry fastest supply. 2. Honesty management: professional, precise, safe, stable and practical drying equipment.

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