Vegetables using microwave vacuum dryer program is still a great advantage! ___________

- May 03, 2019 -

Compared with conventional dryer, vegetable microwave vacuum dryer greatly reduces the boiling point of liquid to be expelled, and can be easily applied to heat sensitive substances. At the same time, microwave vacuum drying can effectively shorten the drying time for samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other granular samples, and the powder samples will not be blown or moved by the flowing air compared with ordinary drying relying on air circulation. In addition, the microwave vacuum dryer for vegetables is safer to use. Because microwave vacuum dryer can eliminate the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides under vacuum or inert conditions. Due to the prominent advantages of microwave vacuum dryer, there is a strong demand in the market, the market scale of microwave vacuum dryer is expanding, and the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which promotes the continuous innovation and development of drying technology.

Vegetable microwave vacuum dryer has become the market's & ldquo; beloved & rdquo;. It is understood that the microwave vacuum drying chamber microwave source technology can ensure that the system works 24 hours continuously. Among them, the magnetron is specially designed for industrial water cooling, with longer service life, and can be equipped with specially customized high-power high-voltage transformer with stable performance.

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