Why is honeysuckle microwave dryer so hot up to now?

- May 03, 2019 -

honeysuckle dryer from the initial manual drying, firewood drying, hot air drying room, to now push the microwave honeysuckle dryer, but also after decades of reform and innovation, from process requirements to production capacity and drying costs and other aspects of comprehensive comparison, for large planters or honeysuckle purchasers, microwave honeysuckle dryer is the most ideal. Choice.

p>strong>honeysuckle drying equipment, microwave dryer uses a microwave source with a frequency of 2450 MHZ, and the electromagnetic field produced by the microwave equipment with a frequency of 2450 million times per second changes in the box. Because materials are generally composed of polar and non-polar molecules, under the action of electromagnetic field, polar molecules change from random distribution to polar distribution according to electromagnetic field, and change with the frequency of electromagnetic field. This process results in intense molecular motion rubbing against each other to generate heat. Thus, the field energy of electric field can be transformed into the heat energy inside the medium, so that the temperature of the medium keeps rising. When the temperature of the material rises, the moisture contained in the material evaporates rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Microwave heating is an integral heating, which does not need heat conduction and has a fast speed. Compared with traditional drying equipment, it has the advantages of high efficiency, no energy consumption, uniform heating, fast drying speed, no thermal inertia, safety and environmental protection, simple operation and easy control. And the microwave drying equipment has bactericidal effect, which is a function that can not be achieved by one of the previous drying methods.

microwave honeysuckle dryer through microwave sterilization, drying treatment, thorough insecticidal and sterilization, product color is bright, its chlorogenic acid content is 25% higher than ordinary drying. It can be used for Rose drying and oil extraction, honeysuckle killing and drying, as well as making various rose, honeysuckle, mint, lavender, carnation crafts, quality assurance.

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