Application of Konjac Powder Microwave Heat Pump Compound Drying Equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

Exploration on the application of konjac flour microwave heat pump combined drying equipment : Different from traditional drying methods, microwave drying has the same heat conduction direction as water diffusion direction, and has the advantages of high drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency and easy to realize automatic control, so it has been paid attention in the drying field. Studies have shown that fresh konjac is peeled and sliced by routine treatment, then it is destroyed by 915-2450 MHz microwave for 3-5 minutes, then dried, then transferred to konjac flour mill for crushing, and finally separated by air separation to obtain konjac flour. The konjac flour obtained by this method contains no sulfur residue, has high hygienic index, unique and delicious taste, and the processing method is simple and easy to operate. However, due to the harvest of konjac in winter, which is mostly produced in the mountainous areas with inconvenient traffic, large centralized processing capacity, the use of microwave drying equipment, high cost, and short annual processing time, especially for materials such as konjac chips, improper use of microwave will cause uneven heat treatment, partial coking and other phenomena, so the use of microwave in the field of konjac drying has been limited.

Heat pump can absorb heat from low-temperature heat source, convert low-grade heat energy into high-grade heat energy, and absorb heat from natural environment or waste heat resources to obtain a new energy-saving drying method with more heat output than input. Drying by heat pump is a hot research topic in recent years. Hii et al. studied the drying of cocoa beans by heat pump drying. It was found that the moisture transfer from the corm to the epidermis during the drying process was beneficial to reduce the loss of thermosensitive polyphenols in the material when the temperature was low, and the hardness of the material would gradually increase with the decrease of the moisture content. Chua et al. used segmented heat pump to dry guava. Compared with continuous isothermal drying, the segmented variable temperature drying with optimized parameters can reduce the loss of ascorbic acid by 20%. However, heat pump has not been used in Konjac drying, and the low-efficiency and high-efficiency of heat pump drying will certainly have a greater development space in the field of konjac drying.

Combining the advantages and disadvantages of microwave and heat pump, the group developed the microwave heat pump combined drying equipment. The microwave is introduced into the industrial stainless steel heat pump drying room through special waveguide. The specially designed waveguide and microwave pulse control can effectively prevent the material from heating up sharply, and can transmit microwave evenly and slowly to the drying room, directly to the inside of the material and assist the heat pump drying room. The combination of the two can avoid their respective shortcomings, namely, achieving the purpose of energy saving and improving the drying efficiency. Rate, so that the application of equipment scope is higher, applicability is stronger. With the continuous expansion of industrial and agricultural production scale, the traditional drying methods with high drying efficiency and cost can not meet the existing energy-saving production needs. As a new and energy-saving technology, microwave heat pump combined drying has solved the problem of slow drying efficiency and high drying cost to a great extent. Under the background of slow drying efficiency and high drying cost, under the condition of drying temperature below 85 degrees, microwave heat pump combined drying will be a preferred direction for enterprises. At present, there are a large number of successful drying cases of agricultural products production lines.

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