Performance analysis of nano-powder microwave dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Microwave is an extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave (frequency 300-300 000 MHz), in which the direction and size of electromagnetic field change periodically at any time, while the water in the material is a polar molecule. Under the fast changing electromagnetic field, its polar orientation will change with the change of the external electric field, resulting in intense motion. This regular movement is disturbed and hindered by the adjacent molecules, which produces the effect of similar friction motion, so that the material temperature can be raised to achieve the purpose of heating, dehydration and drying. The microwave dryer for nano-powders has the advantages of fast reaction and high yield, and reduces the possibility of particle growth and agglomeration. As microwave drying can penetrate into the heated object instantaneously without heat conduction process, microwave can be converted into material heat energy in a few minutes, so it is easier to obtain fine powders with uniform particles.

Microwave dryer performance of nano-powders Case application: Cao Aihong of Overseas Chinese University and others prepared nano-powders such as Al203 and Ti02 by microwave drying.

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