Temperature Distribution of Tunnel Microwave Drying Equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

Selection of methods for confirming temperature distribution, common methods for testing temperature distribution of microwave drying equipment with hot air circulation: fixing dry and hot probes side by side on the bracket (guaranteeing the same cross section) and placing them on the mesh belt at the entrance of tunnel dryer. Start the mesh belt, the probe bracket is brought into the tunnel drying cabinet with the mesh, and the hot and dry probe wire is also entered. At the same time, the validator starts recording data. However, due to the strict prohibition of metal entry in the tunnel microwave dryer cabinet, the confirmation method can not be applied. The method of confirming the temperature distribution of tunnel microwave drying equipment is rarely recorded after searching

. Tunnel microwave drying sterilizer should be operated strictly according to the determined microwave power, conveyor belt speed and the loading thickness of drying materials in the production process. Any change must be based on the temperature test results. When the tunnel microwave drying equipment runs, microwave is generated by microwave generator, and input into microwave heater by energy feeding device. Material is sent to the heater by transmission system. At this time, moisture in the material is heated and evaporated under the action of microwave energy, and water vapor is discharged through dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying. Bacteria in materials are killed by biological and thermal effects produced by microwave electromagnetic field.

Tunnel-type microwave drying equipment is controlled by PLC man-machine interface when it is running. Material is transported by Teflon conveyor belt, and its speed is regulated by stepless frequency conversion. The heating box is equipped with infrared radiation thermometer. By setting temperature control points, the temperature can be adjusted automatically to control the quality of products accurately. The microwave tube is selected according to the power requirement, and the corresponding microwave heating group functions are automatically opened and closed according to the material position. In addition, the equipment can effectively link up with upstream and downstream processes, carry out on-line drying and on-line sterilization processes of pills, thus realizing the linkage operation of pill production.

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