Microwave cat litter drying equipment is favored by pet food manufacturers

- May 03, 2019 -

Tunnel type cat sand microwave drying equipment has been put into use in Shandong pet food manufacturers. Cat sand is mainly used to collect cat stool. Cat sand can be classified into condensate sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand, tofu (bean dregs) cat sand and other materials. The main process of cat sand production is granulation and drying. The ring-shaped feed granulator is often used in granulation. The traditional drying method is sulfide bed or drum drying. The drum and fluidized bed dryer are all heat conduction. There will be heat loss and uneven drying from outside to inside.

Cat litter microwave drying equipment, the use of microwave technology, so that materials from inside to outside drying, there is material itself as a heating body. One is that the drying is uniform, the other is that there is no energy loss and the energy utilization rate is high. At the same time, the drying effect is good. The design of microwave dryer saves manpower very much. At the same time, microwave drying has bactericidal effect, which is beneficial to prolong the quality guarantee period of cat litter. Microwave cat litter drying equipment only uses electricity to convert into microwave energy. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and no three wastes. It is the necessary equipment in the current production process of cat litter drying.

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