Good quality of dried cabbage dried by the integrated drying and killing machine of yellow cauliflower

- May 03, 2019 -

In rainy days, yellow cauliflower is easy to grow mildew when it is not dried. It is difficult to enter the cold storage for electricity and operation. The iron standard of preservative is strictly checked. It is better to go directly into yellow cauliflower dryer after drying and processing to save labor and space.

Yellow cauliflower is a kind of small crop with high sugar content, low flesh quality and not thin buds (that is, less than 1,000 Chinese farmers only grow yellow cauliflower). There are a lot of tea dryers with thin leaves on the market, a lot of lilies, lotus seeds and medicinal materials dryers with thick flesh, and few dryers for non-thick and not thin crops, specially for those with thin leaves. Yellow cauliflower is a special vegetable with fewer dryers, most of which are so-called ldquo, professional yellow cauliflower dryer and rdquo. So you need a yellow cauliflower dryer to find a brand that has a good reputation in the past. The best drying temperature of yellow cauliflower can not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius. It is easy to dry outside and wet inside, and it is too long to dry. Professional yellow cauliflower dryer is currently made by fewer manufacturers, the market is not fully competitive, the quality of the machine is poor, the finished products are uneven color, find a successful case may be the best principle of high cost performance. The company's yellow cauliflower dryer adopts PLC intelligent touch screen controller, fully automatic temperature control and dehumidification, no special manual duty, easy operation, and the drying process is environmentally friendly and sanitary, no pollution emissions, mild drying, close to the effect of natural drying. More introduction to yellow cauliflower dryer

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