Technology and parameter control of honeysuckle dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The honeysuckle dryer process: the temperature was controlled at 30-35 C at the beginning of drying; the temperature was raised to about 40 C after 2 hours; after 5-10 hours, the temperature was raised to 45-50 C and maintained for 10 hours; finally, the temperature was raised to 55-58 C, the maximum temperature should not exceed 60 C, and the total drying time was 24 hours.

If the temperature is too high and the drying time is too fast, the flower buds will be black and the quality will decrease; if the temperature is too low and the drying time is too long, the flower color will not be bright and yellow-white, which will also affect the quality. In cloudy and rainy days, it is necessary to bake at a low temperature of 35-40 degrees centigrade for 2-3 hours, then rise to 50 degrees centigrade to 90 degrees centigrade, without damage. Generally 6-7 kg of dried flowers and 1 kg of material.

Honeysuckle dryer controller operation instructions:

1. Temperature display: set the temperature as the automatic heating control range in the drying room, generally can set 40-70 degrees, low temperature heating, high temperature stop, can keep the drying room constant temperature.

2. Temperature and humidity: setting humidity as the control range of automatic moisture drainage in the drying room, intelligent automatic fuzzy moisture drainage, 5% error of humidity control in the box, can automatically control the humidity in the drying room. Guarantee timely removal of moisture.

3. Time step control: H, M, hours and minutes, respectively. Equipment selection H (hour) file, set the required time can be. Time to set time. Keep the box in constant temperature and humidity.

4. Fan knob: positive and negative rotation can be automatic or manual, after opening, fan operation. The drying room has uniform temperature and good drying effect.

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