What are the main bases for judging the quality of microwave drying equipment?

- May 03, 2019 -

How to judge microwave drying equipment is a comprehensive problem, which can be evaluated mainly from its technical and economic aspects. The economic efficiency of microwave drying equipment is mainly evaluated on the basis of the economic benefits and comprehensive costs generated by the use of the equipment. Firstly, the service life of a set of drying equipment is often several years or longer, and the price of the equipment is only a fixed cost, while the main factor affecting the economic efficiency of the equipment in the use cycle is variable cost.

During the operation period of drying equipment, its profit is the income during the service period minus the fixed and variable expenses of the equipment. Fixed costs refer to depreciation of equipment and interest on loans, while variable costs refer to raw material costs, operating costs and maintenance costs. Because depreciation and interest are unchanged, it is the variable cost that really affects the benefit of the equipment, and the variable cost of different drying equipment has a big gap.

So the raw material cost, operation cost and maintenance cost of the equipment are the basis for evaluating the drying equipment. Secondly, the drying cost should be assessed in combination with the types of materials dried by the equipment and the batch drying cost, taking into account the effects of energy-saving ways, waste heat recovery and environmental protection of the equipment on the drying cost.

Therefore, the comprehensive cost of drying equipment is also the basis for evaluating drying equipment. The technicality of microwave drying equipment is judged mainly by the processing quality and energy utilization rate of the equipment.

Firstly, the energy utilization rate of drying equipment is an important index to measure the energy utilization of a drying process or drying equipment. The so-called energy utilization rate of drying equipment refers to the ratio of the energy required by the equipment to the energy supplied to the equipment to remove water. It is generally believed that the energy utilization rate of drying equipment depends on the initial and final temperature of drying medium, ambient temperature and moisture content, heat supply and loss, and the cycle of exhaust gas and other factors. The heat supplied to drying equipment mainly includes three parts: the heat needed for water evaporation, the heat needed for material heating and the heat loss. When evaluating drying equipment, the energy utilization rate of drying equipment is an important basis for evaluating drying equipment.

Secondly, there are many application industries of drying equipment, each industry has its own particularity, and there are specific requirements for the material, structure and processing quality of drying equipment. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises are required to provide drying equipment with high processing quality to meet the requirements of drying equipment in various industries.

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