Brief Talk about the Relevant Application Standards of Honeysuckle Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

According to feedback from honeysuckle processing enterprises, the microwave drying equipment production line is used to kill and dry honeysuckle. On the one hand, honeysuckle is dried evenly and its color is green, which does not destroy and change the nutrient composition of materials. On the other hand, because of the short drying time and fast drying speed, microwave can keep more original fragrance. At the same time, microwave drying equipment has bactericidal function, making honeysuckle bacteria content can fully meet the requirements of food QS certification health standards.

Compared with traditional manual drying, the production line of honeysuckle is more suitable for the needs of large-scale and industrial development, and more importantly, it can ensure the quality of products. According to the author's understanding, the production line of honeysuckle generally includes, drying equipment, conveying equipment, etc., but the traditional use of steam to kill green treatment, and then drying, not only drying time is long, the process is complex, even the operation and control is inconvenient. In fact, whether it is honeysuckle tea or other processed by-products, consumers pay more attention to its efficacy in purchasing. Only the honeysuckle with good quality can effectively realize its medicinal efficacy value and be sought after by the market.

Henan has been devoting itself to the research and development of microwave drying equipment. The microwave drying equipment of honeysuckle introduced by Henan is heated by electromagnetic wave with high speed and efficiency. It also has the functions of disinfection and sterilization, and retains the nutritional function of honeysuckle. In addition, microwave drying equipment is easy to operate, temperature is easy to control, easy to scale, continuous production and automation.

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