A Brief Talk on Black Technology of EPC Dryer: Heat Pump Drying and Dehumidification System

- May 03, 2019 -

Air-energy heat pump lost foam dryer is a new type of low energy consumption dryer. Its energy consumption is only 1/4 of that of electric heating. There is no need for full-time personnel to guard equipment during operation, which is lower than the operation cost of coal-fired and gas-fired dryers. The equipment adopts advanced intelligent control system, which can accurately control the temperature and humidity in the drying room. The air distribution design of the drying room is reasonable, the temperature difference in different areas is small, and the drying time is short. After making the model, the EPC needs to coat the surface with a certain thickness of paint to form the inner shell of the casting mould. Generally, the coating thickness is 0.5-2 mm after two or three times of coating. After finishing the coating on the surface of EPC, the coating needs to be cured and fully dried by drying in a certain period of time for subsequent production and casting. The coating should be dried at 40 ~ 50 C. The drying temperature should not be too high. Otherwise, cracks will easily appear on the surface.

After each coating is finished, it must be dried before the next round of painting or moulding can be carried out. If the coating is not thoroughly dried, the molten steel will produce a lot of gas when it encounters moisture during pouring, resulting in back-spraying. In addition, the coating is not thoroughly dried, the permeability of the coating is poor, and the gas can not be discharged in time, which easily causes the casting to produce gas holes and slag holes. Composition of

EPD dryer : 1. Host heating machine: using well-known brand compression (American grain wheel), heating efficiency is higher; 2. Insulation drying room: drying room material can choose 50 mm thick Extrusion board (economic, low investment cost) or 75 mm thick polyurethane foam board (good sealing, strong and durable); 3. Circulating fan: high temperature resistance (maximum temperature 120 C), high. Wet fan, more stable operation; 4. Intelligent control system: using touch screen control, up to 10 time periods can be set, each time period can be set different drying temperature, humidity and system working mode. Control and detection system of lost foam dryer: (1) The equipment is equipped with independent control system, two drying rooms are controlled separately, and intelligent automatic control; it can switch the heat pump main engine, set the temperature of the drying room and monitor the operation of the equipment at any time (the purchaser sends power to the control cabinet of the equipment). (2) There are four sets of temperature sensors and humidity sensors installed in the drying room, which can monitor and display (check) the temperature and humidity in the drying room in time.

EPC dryer: The drying does not crack, and the operation cost is low. There is a hot air inlet on one side of the heat preservation drying room. The hot air generated by heat pump heat exchanger is sent to the heat preservation drying room by high temperature and high humidity fan to dry and dehydrate the materials on the upper shelf of the material pusher, and is induced again by the return air outlet on the other side of the drying room through the top hot air circulation partition duct. The heat pump heat exchanger is heated and sent to the inside of the heat preservation drying room to meet the requirement of uniform temperature in the drying room. As the most powerful manufacturer of microwave heat pump compound drying equipment, Henan Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. has been devoting itself to the research and development and production of various microwave heat pump drying equipment, such as traditional Chinese medicine dryer, agricultural product dryer, meat product dryer, vegetable and fruit dryer, mesh belt line dryer, etc. for a long time. After many years of development, it has reached a considerable scale. With strong scientific research strength and perfect after-sales service, we have won the praise of our customers.

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