Science and Technology Park 20181127 Video, Insects Eat Manure Skillfully Treat Sewage Clear Rice Fragrance (The Power of Blackwater Tadpoles)

- May 03, 2019 -

Introduction: Millions of chickens & hellip; & hellip; chicken manure, mysterious disappearance! Science and Technology Park 20181127 video, insects eat manure skillfully treat sewage rice more fragrant.

In Baodi, a suburb of Tianjin, there is a million laying hens farm. The peak period of laying eggs is 50 tons per day. It is not exaggerated to say that one of every 10 eggs in Tianjin market is produced here. There are 125,000 chickens in a poultry farm workshop, and the amount of excrement they produce can be imagined. One million chickens can produce nearly 100 tons of chicken manure a day...

But the reporters can not smell the odor when they come to the chicken house, and so much chicken manure is also & ldquo; & Where have you been? The curious journalist was taken to an ornamental fish farm less than 20 kilometers away from the chicken farm and entered a mysterious workshop. Shang Dongwei, in charge, said that the mystery was hidden here, hellip; & hellip;

pulled out a box and brushed open the surface. There were many small insects crawling inside! Shang Dongwei told reporters that this is the larva of the black water gadfly. It's them that keep killing chicken manure day and night. It is no wonder that there is no odor in the chicken house. The original chicken manure was solved by the larvae of the black water gadfly. The chicken manure is transported to the production workshop of the black water Tadpole by conveyor belt. A production line like

can handle 20 tons of chicken manure in one day. If the second, third and fourth lines are put into full production, 100 tons of chicken manure can be treated in one day. Little black water beetle larvae are really good helpers in handling chicken manure!

The adults of the black water beetle grow a little like flies. They like to fall on green plants because they want to mate and lay eggs here. The reproductive capacity of

Blackwater Tadpole is very strong, and it can lay about 1,000 eggs at a time. The eggs of

were hatched centrally, and they would continuously enter the larval production workshop to digest chicken manure. Their appetite is very large and their eating habits are very mixed. In addition to chicken manure, other animal manure and kitchen waste are their favorite delicacies.

The larvae of Tabanus nigra can eat most from the fourth to the eighth day of birth. After the eighth day, the larvae eat less and gradually enter the pupation stage. If so many larvae pupate into worms, it is terrible!

So without waiting for it to pupate, after eight days, the staff fed the larvae of the black water bug to the fish as fresh bait.

Insects have high protein content, so fish eat round and fat, and the color is gorgeous. In the market, larvae can be sold for 4000 yuan a ton as bait. The larvae of

Blackwater Tadpole have another characteristic, that is, their manure can be used as organic fertilizer in paddy fields. If used for trading, a ton of manure can also be sold for 5600 yuan.

Reporter learned about the black water beetle, and found a strange phenomenon. There are many wild fish fry in the ditch beside the rice field. What does this have to do with the black water beetle we are talking about today?

Want to know the reason of the small partner, then have to watch the program, watch our reporters personally fishing fry! 18:30 See you!

Article Source: Science and Technology Garden 20181127 Video, Insect eating excrement skillfully treat sewage rice more fragrant

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