Microwave ripening technology for low-temperature baking equipment of cereals

- May 03, 2019 -

Microwave ripening equipment for cereals belongs to a new type of deep processing equipment for cereals. Its working principle is different from that of conventional frying pan and oven. The working principle of microwave is to emit microwave to act on the water molecules inside the materials. The electromagnetic wave causes the water molecules inside the cereals to move violently and impact their own heat production. The cereals with more moisture absorb more microwave and less moisture. Absorbing less microwave, so as to achieve a uniform effect of ripening cereals. In addition, microwave can also enhance flavor in the process of baking and ripening cereals, which can quickly remove the beany smell of the cereals, so that the baked cereals are more fragrant.

At present, the processing of miscellaneous grains in China is still lagging behind. Many small workshops are still baking miscellaneous grains in converters. Many foresighted people have begun to use high-tech microwave miscellaneous grains ripening production line for production, with high efficiency and good baking effect. Microwave ripening equipment for cereals is superior to traditional ripening methods.

1. Energy conversion efficiency is high and heating speed is fast. The microwave oven itself does not heat, but the microwave energy penetrates the material, causing the polar molecules in the material to friction with each other and generate heat. So there is no energy loss.

2. Expansion effect is obvious. The rapid heating effect of microwave makes the water molecules inside the material vaporize rapidly and achieve the purpose of expansion.

3, low temperature sterilization, less loss of nutrients. Microwave sterilization is carried out under both thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave. Compared with conventional temperature sterilization, microwave sterilization can achieve satisfactory sterilization at lower temperature and in a very short time.

p>4. Easy to use and operate. Microwave power and speed of transmission belt can be steplessly adjusted without thermal inertia. It can be switched on and off immediately, which is simple and easy to control.

Wugu cereals ripening equipment products are pollution-free and the workshop working environment is good. Drying speed, short time: 3-10 minutes to complete the entire production process. Thermal efficiency is high. In the process of microwave heating, both inside and outside the material are heated simultaneously, and microwave directly acts on the material. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of microwave heating is higher than that of conventional heating equipment. No need to flip, both inside and outside are dried at the same time, and the drying quality is good. Labor intensity is low, semi-automatic operation. Environmental protection and energy saving, improve product quality and economic value. The equipment has a drying observation window, which can observe the change of materials during the drying process of miscellaneous grains. Characteristics of microwave ripening equipment for cereals

showed that the speed of baking cereals was faster, and it only took 5-8 minutes from feeding to discharging. Baking and ripening cereals is more uniform, tastes good and sells well. Microwave curing of cereals accompanied by sterilization can greatly prolong the shelf life of products. Economic and environmental protection, no pollution. Advanced technology, simple operation, one person can operate the whole equipment, saving labor costs. Microwave ripening equipment for cereals and cereals is made of 304 stainless steel of food grade. At the same time, microwave has bactericidal effect. With this equipment, it can pass the national food safety certification.

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