Application and Promotion of Medium Temperature Drying Technology of Current Noodle Dryer in Many Food Enterprises

- May 03, 2019 -

Hanging noodles are different from dough paving drying. Hanging noodles need to be dried, and the drying process is also different. In the drying process of noodles, if traditional sunshine is used, it is easy to cause environmental problems and production problems. Some use some electric heating drying method, and it is easy to crack the hanging surface. Current drying technology of vermicelli dryer is generally divided into three categories:

1, high temperature rapid drying method: this method is a traditional technology in China, the drying temperature is about 50 C, the distance is 25-30 meters, the time is about 2-2.5 hours. It has the advantages of small investment and fast drying. The disadvantage is that temperature and humidity are difficult to control, product quality is unstable, and crisp noodles are easy to produce, which has been gradually replaced by other methods. Low temperature slow drying method: It was introduced from Japan in the 1980s. The drying temperature was not more than 35 degrees C, the distance was about 400 meters, and the drying time was 7-8 hours. This method is characterized by imitating natural drying, stable production and reliable product quality. The shortcomings are large investment, high drying cost, troublesome maintenance and so on. It is only suitable for some large and medium-sized factories.

3. Medium-temperature and medium-speed drying method: In view of the advantages and disadvantages of high-temperature fast drying method and low-temperature slow drying method, the use of conservation heat pump drying and dehumidification integrated machine can control drying temperature and humidity more accurately, the dried noodles will not produce crisp noodles, boiling will not be turbid, practical and vigorous. Fully simulated natural drying, with the characteristics of low investment, low drying cost, high production efficiency and good product quality, has been widely applied and promoted in many domestic food enterprises. With industrial microwave drying equipment as the core, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing a whole drying equipment production line, covering a complete set of industrial automation production line equipment not limited to microwave drying equipment, heat pump drying equipment, hot air drying equipment and supporting conveying machinery. The microwave drying equipment website /.

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