Apple slice dryer The Apple dried by heat pump is full and glossy.

- May 03, 2019 -

The heat pump drying equipment of apple slice dryer is a kind of mild drying equipment, which can effectively solve the problems of discoloration, deterioration, cracking, uneven moisture content and production pollution during the drying process of apple slices, and make the dried apples full, bright and glossy.

p>apple slice heat pump drying process: the fruit slices were sent to the drying room of the heat pump dryer for drying. The initial drying temperature is 80-85, and then gradually drops to 50-55. The drying time is 5-6 hours. The end point relative humidity is 10%. The drying rate is (6-8): 1 (that is, 6-8 kg raw material can be made into 1 kg finished product). Dry products should be flexible and not stick to each other when they are gripped and relaxed. Softening

: Put dry products in sealed containers for 15-20 days to soften them, so that the moisture content is uniform and the texture is soft. Graded packaging: Remove waste and wet products, pack finished products in food bags or cartons, and pay attention to moisture-proof during storage. Characteristics of apple slice drying equipment: Drying area, air pressure, air volume, drying temperature, mesh belt speed can be adjusted to meet the characteristics and quality requirements of apple slices. The heat pump drying equipment of apple slice dryer is also suitable for garlic slices, pumpkin, konjac, radish, yam, bamboo shoots, honeysuckle, shrimp skin, jujube, wolfberry and pear slices. With industrial microwave drying equipment as the core, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing a whole drying equipment production line, covering a complete set of industrial automation production line equipment not limited to microwave drying equipment, heat pump drying equipment, hot air drying equipment and supporting conveying machinery. Web site of microwave drying equipment /

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