Preferred heat pump drying scheme for dehumidification and color fixing of roses

- May 03, 2019 -

The heat pump drying scheme is preferred for the dehumidification and color fixing of roses. Taking the drying of roses as an example, the appearance and quality of the roses are guaranteed in time. The whole drying process needs to be carried out at medium and low temperatures, and the temperature setting range is 45 ~65 C.

Dehumidification and color fixing is another method to ensure the color of materials, that is, to achieve the purpose of dehydration and color fixing through rapid dehumidification at low temperature. This process is especially used for drying some mosaic materials, which have a large moisture content and unstable properties. Therefore, rapid dehumidification is needed to avoid color occurring in long-term external environment. Or changes in internal components. For example, some vegetables will turn yellow after a few days in the kitchen or refrigerator, while some flowers, if they are kept indoors for a long time, will become wilting and discolored. If you water them every day and add water, you can reduce the occurrence of this kind of scene. In fact, this is a process of material dehydration. In this process, the material belongs to the category of materials. Sex has changed.

Dehumidification and color fixing is to reduce the change of material color through rapid dewatering and retain the original color as far as possible. However, in the process of dehumidification, the temperature should not be too high, because the performance of mosaic materials is relatively fragile. If the temperature is too high, it will change color, such as withered yellow, blackening and so on. In addition, it may lead to the fragmentation of petals, leaves and so on.

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