Reasonable placement of the tray of herbal root dryer can greatly shorten the time of warehousing.

- May 03, 2019 -

The herb root dryer consists of heating room and material room. The main equipment includes heating equipment, ventilation and dehumidification equipment, temperature and humidity control equipment. The hot air blockades the descending cycle in the drying oven, with high thermal efficiency, energy saving and no secondary pollution, which is suitable for the requirements of national food hygiene standards.

herbal root dryer can drying Chinese herbal medicine according to the type and operation to an inevitable degree. The technical level of herbal medicine dryer and the technological content of the city directly affect the drying degree of herbal medicine. Industry insiders suggest that advanced technology and high-quality equipment can effectively make the root of medicinal materials meet the required moisture requirements, thus preventing the root from mildewing and delaying the shelf life of traditional Chinese medicine.

The drying mode, thickness and way of herbal roots affect the drying speed. It is necessary to rationally save the thickness of herbal roots and increase the heat exchange area and ventilation of herbal roots, so as to accelerate the drying speed. In principle, the drying of medicinal roots requires a single variety, and can not be mixed with multiple varieties of medicinal roots for drying.

Herbal Root Dryer Advantages: The company produces a new, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient dryer for medicinal roots. It has large output, strong dehydration function, strict accordance with the construction process requirements, high degree of automation, long operation life. The main machine of Yihe root dryer is beautiful and excellent. The internal design of root dryer is hot-cycle air. The hot-cycle air can play the internal temperature of the dryer, and the air volume and air pressure are different from each other. The secondary waste heat recovery system ensures the drying result of the product. This design can also recover the residual heat of the dryer and operate again, greatly improving the thermal efficiency. The reasonable placement of the tray of herbal root dryer can greatly shorten the time of warehousing. The company provides various types of microwave drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This paper is from the microwave drying equipment ( network.

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