Microwave-hot-air drying process for instant noodles with vermicelli has good rehydration property

- May 03, 2019 -

Microwave drying equipment for instant noodles, vermicelli, rice noodles drying, instant noodles, vermicelli microwave drying equipment using microwave and hot air combined drying. Fan microwave drying equipment tunnel line drying, belt conveyor drying, microwave drying temperature, hot air drying temperature can be adjusted, intelligent control drying temperature speed. Drying characteristics of microwave drying equipment for fans:

Microwave heating is both inside and outside. Microwave heating relies on microwave which belongs to high-frequency electromagnetic field wave. Instant noodles contain polar molecules. Under the excitation of microwave high-frequency electromagnetic field wave, instant noodles and the moisture content of fans make intense movement and friction heating, making instant noodles and the moisture content of fans. Quick drying is obtained. The instant noodles, the inside and outside of the noodles and the fans are dried at the same time by holding the hot air. The microwave drying technology of

vermicelli was realized by introducing microwave technology into the original production process of instant noodles. The structure, operation parameters and interface of microwave drying equipment are fully connected with the original instant noodle production equipment, which is easy to reform. The instant noodles processed by Weiyas microwave equipment are fuller in shape, higher in gluten value, better in rehydration, better in color and taste, smooth and elastic than those processed by conventional methods. It not only keeps the traditional water surface flavor, but also keeps continuous strips when rehydrating, boiling-resistant and non-muddy soup, and does not destroy the original nutrients. Because microwave drying instant noodles also has bactericidal effect, it can greatly prolong the shelf life of instant noodles and make them safer and healthier to eat. And microwave can better maintain the original nutritional ingredients.

p>Fan instant noodles microwave hot air combined drying process has good rehydration, the company provides a variety of forms of microwave drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This paper is from the microwave drying equipment (www.bodawb.com) network.

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