Economic Benefit Analysis of Microwave Drying of Glass Fiber Filament and Infrared Heating Drying

- May 03, 2019 -

Taking glass fiber drying as an example, the economic benefits of microwave drying and infrared heating drying were analyzed. It is required that the moisture content should be reduced to less than 1%. At present, infrared heating and drying are mostly used in the process.

For glass fibers with a diameter of about 30 cm wrapped in tubular yarns, infrared heating takes more than ten hours and microwave drying takes only tens of minutes. The comparison is shown in the table below.

glass fiber drying method effect comparison

if according to the annual output of 6000 tons (t), 113 (kW.h/t) per ton of electricity-saving, the annual energy-saving 678,000 degrees. 0.7 yuan per degree, saving 474,600 yuan of electricity. With a 1% reduction in the annual average scrap rate, the amount is 270,000 yuan (4,500 yuan/t). These two items alone can recover 744.6 million yuan. Considering the advantages of microwave drying of glass fiber , whiteness, bright color, flexibility, elasticity, easy coloring, easy winding and reprocessing, the product price has increased greatly, and the economic benefit is remarkable. Economic benefit analysis of microwave drying of fiberglass filament in infrared heating drying. The company provides various types of microwave drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This paper is from the microwave drying equipment ( network.

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