Microwave Drying Technology of Insect Dryer Brings New Ways for Aquaculture Industry

- May 03, 2019 -

The microwave drying technology is a new drying technology equipment, which has the advantages of fast drying speed and good quality, and has become the drying equipment chosen by many insect breeders. In a word, only the perfect combination of formula, process and equipment can produce high quality products.

Insect dryer is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment developed and produced on the basis of microwave heating. It can be used for drying black water gadfly, yellow mealworm, silkworm pupa, fly maggot and other materials. After drying, black water gadfly, yellow mealworm and other materials have beautiful color and can maintain their original appearance. After drying, the water content is low, the puffing effect is obvious, and the effective ingredients are easily ground. Retain.

insect dryer microwave heating principle makes the polar molecules of material rub back and forth with billions of times per second through high frequency electromagnetic wave, the material itself produces a high temperature in a very short time, the moisture contained in the material migrates from the interior to the surface, then evaporates into the atmosphere, and then evaporates water vapor out of the equipment through the exhaust fan to achieve drying. The purpose of drying, puffing and sterilizing.


Environmental protection pest drying equipment is microwave equipment, which is designed according to the drying characteristics of pests. The design is reasonable and the function is complete. Practice has proved that the equipment has the advantages of good expansion effect, golden color, fast drying speed, simple operation and high automation. In addition, the sterilization effect of the equipment is exceptionally good (has been verified by the relevant departments of food), so it can fully meet the requirements of deep processing of insects.

 Insect drying equipment is the production of dried products processed by microwave equipment, the sale of live insects should have a large scale and good quality. When equipping production line to purchase equipment, we must pay attention to the following aspects, so as to avoid affecting the normal operation of enterprises due to the wrong selection of equipment. The actual scale of the manufacturer, whether there is a stable production site or a temporary lease, etc. The comprehensive technical strength of the manufacturer and the design ability of a single product, customer reputation, market share, company financial resources and other factors. Practical production experience and debugging experience of production line. All kinds of factors should be considered clearly before making a firm decision, avoiding detours, making inexpensive plans, making hasty choices, or even piecing together seven or eight, otherwise there are great risks. The microwave drying technology of insect dryer brings new methods for aquaculture industry, and provides various types of microwave drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article is from the microwave drying equipment () network.


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