Cashew nut dryer is widely used in the field of fried goods because of its microwave puffing characteristics.

- May 03, 2019 -

Cashew nut microwave dryer equipment is suitable for drying and sterilizing a large number of dried fruits in the field of fried goods, such as walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, shell-less melon seeds, peanuts, etc. It is an advanced microwave drying device with fast drying speed, obvious sterilization effect and good product quality. Prepare. Dried fruits

are fruits whose peel becomes dry when they ripen, or fruits processed by human beings. They are rich in protein, vitamins and so on. They are deeply loved by customers and have a broad market. Henan microwave drying equipment is used for drying dried fruits, which has fast drying speed, good germicidal effect, high product quality, energy saving and greatly enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. Characteristics of microwave drying equipment:

Material is heated uniformly under the direct action of microwave electromagnetic field without heat conduction. At the same time, it has bactericidal effect under the dual action of thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave. Compared with the traditional process, the product is crisp and refreshing, with strong fragrance, high expansion rate, natural color, less loss of nutrients, good production environment and high sterilization rate. At the same time, in the off-season of stir-frying, the equipment can be used for food drying, sterilization, baking, heating, puffing, ripening and other processes, a multi-purpose machine. The cashew nut microwave dryer is mainly made of stainless steel plate, which is strong, heat insulation and heat preservation effect is excellent, and occupies a small area, does not produce & ldquo; three wastes & rdquo; pollution; equipment adopts PLC system, intelligent work, realizes pipeline work, greatly improves production efficiency and enterprise efficiency. Cashew nut dryer is widely used in the field of fried goods because of its microwave extrusion characteristics. It provides various types of microwave drying equipment selection schemes and budget quotation. This article is from the microwave drying equipment () network.

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