Molecular sieve microwave drying technology has been widely used to solve the shortcomings of flash drying.

- May 03, 2019 -

Microwave drying technology solves the problems of slow drying speed, high energy loss and poor product quality in traditional drying molecular sieves. microwave drying equipment for molecular sieves is embodied in

1. Microwave drying molecular sieves is fast and can achieve the purpose of microwave drying in a few minutes generally;

<2. Microwave drying molecular sieves is uniform, realizing deep drying. Product quality is good;

p>3, static drying, no burning belt, less dust;

4, non-contact drying, avoiding the pollution of molecular sieve;

5, microwave drying molecular sieve process is safe, energy-saving, environmental protection using electricity, internal and external drying at the same time, more than 50% energy-saving than electrothermal drying;

6, shortening production cycle, greatly reducing production flow. Capital occupancy;

7, the temperature of microwave drying equipment box is below 40 C, improving the working environment of workers;

8, the equipment is simple and convenient to operate. Microwave molecular sieve dryer is a kind of continuous microwave drying equipment which has been successfully applied. The microwave molecular sieve drying equipment has the advantages of fast drying speed, uniformity, energy saving, high efficiency, simple operation, easy control, safety and pollution-free, and can dry less than 1% of the moisture of chemical products. The continuous microwave equipment completely solves the problems of slow drying speed, high energy loss, poor product quality and flying dust in traditional molecular sieve drying equipment. The application of microwave drying technology in molecular sieve drying process was discussed. A series of data, such as pilot test, pilot test and industrial amplification, show that microwave technology can greatly shorten drying time and improve production efficiency without affecting the performance of molecular sieve products. The successful application of microwave technology in molecular sieve industry provides a good reference for the promotion and improvement of this technology. Microwave drying technology of molecular sieve

has been widely used to solve the shortcomings of flash drying, providing various types of microwave drying equipment selection and budget quotation. This article is from the microwave drying equipment () network.

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