Microwave drying equipment for Rehmannia glutinosa has good low temperature, high efficiency and quality

- May 03, 2019 -

Rehmannia glutinosa drying equipment used microwave for secondary drying, moisture content is not very high, traditional hot air, infrared drying, drying temperature is relatively high, drying time is easy to cause the loss of medicinal properties of Rehmannia glutinosa. However, the microwave drying equipment of Rehmannia glutinosa is microwave drying. When drying, the whole Rehmannia glutinosa can be dried evenly, and the temperature of drying will not be very high. Generally, it will not exceed 90 degrees Celsius, and it will not affect the medicinal properties and appearance of Rehmannia glutinosa, drying high-quality Rehmannia glutinosa.

Rehmannia glutinosa drying equipment has the characteristics of fast drying speed, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and wide range of use. Microwave can drying Rehmannia glutinosa rapidly, microwave action on Rehmannia glutinosa, so that the moisture inside the Rehmannia glutinosa evaporates rapidly, and then the steam is discharged outdoors by centrifugal fan. Because the whole process is rapid and continuous circulation, the drying speed is very fast, the general drying operation can achieve the drying effect in only 10 minutes.

Rehmannia glutinosa microwave drying equipment should be used for drying and insecticidal sterilization of various rhizome Chinese medicinal materials. When the equipment is dried, the temperature will not be very high, and it will not have any effect on the medicinal properties of medicinal materials. It is a new direction of medicinal materials drying equipment. Because the shape and size of medicinal materials are different, the equipment has no standard specifications and needs to be customized. The drying equipment of Rehmannia glutinosa has a great advantage. The dried Rehmannia glutinosa has the effect of insecticide and sterilization. Principle of microwave sterilization: Microwave sterilization is the extension of microwave heating technology function, which is shown as the basic unit of microwave and organism and their composition - mdash; & mdash; after the interaction between cells, the changes and reactions of biological cell physiological activities. Compared with pasteurization, microwave sterilization has the following remarkable characteristics: physical sterilization, no chemical residues, fast sterilization speed. It is characterized by thorough sterilization. The microwave drying equipment for Rehmannia glutinosa has good low temperature, high efficiency and quality. It provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article is from the microwave drying equipment () network.

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