Pigskin puffing equipment has been widely promoted due to microwave food baking technology

- May 03, 2019 -

With the sales of non-fried pork skin puffed food continue to boom in the market, microwave pork skin puffed equipment has gradually attracted more and more people's attention. Pigskin microwave extrusion equipment can be used to extrude squid shreds, small fish, fish belly, seafish, seafood extrusion and other seafood products.

p>strong>microwave puffing equipment for pigskin is a professional food puffing equipment developed by the company, which is mainly used for drying and puffing of pigskin and pork skin. Good equipment quality, many application cases, different puffing process, different product flavor. It can extrude white-shell tender skin, white-shell hard skin, red-shell hard skin, red-shell tender skin and other varieties. This microwave puffing equipment is widely used and recommended in meat skin manufacturing enterprises. Characteristics of microwave extrusion equipment for pigskin:


1. The extrusion speed is fast, and the whole extrusion time is usually 1 to 2 minutes.

2. The skin and meat separated by microwave puffing equipment reached more than 90%. The shell was transparent. The traditional puffed shell and meat were sticking together. It was not easy to peel off the skin and meat when tasting the dried skin, which caused the loss of skin and meat and caused eating trouble.

p>3. Roasted pigskin is as chewy as dried pigskin. It tastes sweet and delicious. For microwave puffing, lower temperature can maintain the original nutrition and fragrance. The skin-dry shell is transparent, and can clearly see the sharp outline inside, with a good appearance.

Henan microwave is a professional manufacturer of microwave extrusion equipment. It has fast microwave extrusion equipment, general flexible microwave extrusion equipment, low temperature microwave extrusion equipment, etc. Different extrusion requirements require different extrusion equipment and extrusion process. Microwave has provided microwave expanding equipment for many enterprises. Microwave puffing equipment is widely used in Wenzhou area of Zhejiang Province, so it is also called Wenzhou microwave puffing equipment. According to the meat characteristics of shrimp, the method of combining microwave, light wave and far-infrared is adopted. Users can adjust the equipment according to the different production technology of product puffing, and different varieties and flavors of products can be puffed out, which is deeply loved by consumers.

Pigskin puffing equipment Because microwave food baking technology has been widely promoted, it provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article comes from the drying equipment () network.

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