Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer realizes stable output of automatic material collection

- May 03, 2019 -

Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer belongs to the van structure. There will be multi-layer mesh belt in its chamber. The mesh belt circulates in its chamber. Material enters its chamber from hopper. Through the uniform wheel of the conveying device, the material can be evenly distributed on the first layer of mesh belt. With the transmission of the chain, the chain is turned over into the lower layer of material mesh belt, and the lower layer is reversed alternately. Roll over and unload at the latter layer of mesh belt. Indicators can monitor temperature, material level and conveying speed everywhere. Generally, the drying time can be adjusted steplessly according to the original state of the material and the requirements of the finished product, so as to ensure that every technical index in the drying process can reach the target.

< p> < strong > Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer has an external insulation system, which has high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect. Multi-layer mesh belt dryer adopts stratified blow countercurrent drying and temperature control by stages. It fully takes into account the moisture transport characteristics of vegetable and other materials. The dewatering is more uniform and the drying effect is better.

Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer and material contact parts, generally using stainless steel materials (of course, also according to user requirements, all stainless steel production) corrosion resistance is very strong, no pollutants. Multi-layer mesh belt dryer process is very simple, occupies a small area hate, easy operation and maintenance, reliability is very good.

Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer is generally applicable to the drying of radish, onion, potatoes, eggplant slices, meat products, preserves, chestnuts, fermented beans, onions, tomatoes, edible fungi, tea and other agricultural products, as well as strip, flake, granular materials such as traditional Chinese medicine.

Mushroom multi-layer mesh belt dryer realizes stable production capacity of automatic cloth collection, and provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article is from the drying equipment () network.

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