Height simulation of artificial exposure mode of multi-layer net chain belt dryer for agricultural products

- May 03, 2019 -

Agricultural products multi-layer net chain belt dryer adopts cyclic inversion and layer by layer drying, which can highly simulate the artificial inversion under sunlight. Gradually, it turns from the top three layers to the second layer, then from the second layer to the first layer, and dries and evaporates moisture layer by layer. After the temperature is adjusted, the hot air in the box is circulated by the fan to achieve no dead angle drying, which is agriculture. The product is dried evenly, and the moisture is discharged with the exhaust fan, so that the drying and dehydration can be carried out quickly and efficiently. After drying, the color of agricultural products is good. The drying operation and the dehumidification system are designed on the top floor. The contact time between moisture and agricultural products is very short between 5 and 12 seconds. At the same time, the observation holes of each layer are opened a little, and the moisture is removed layer by layer at any time to ensure the color and luster of materials. The multi-layer net chain belt drying line of agricultural products adopts electric heating and steam heating, and can also be customized according to the needs of users. The multi-layer net chain belt dryer is mainly suitable for drying honeysuckle, medicinal materials, vegetables, preserved fruits, seafood and so on.

multi-layer net chain belt dryer for agricultural products distributes the materials to be processed on the conveyor belt through suitable paving mechanism, such as star distributor, swing belt, crusher or granulator. The conveyor belt is composed of one or more heating units, each heating unit is equipped with air heating and circulation system, and each channel has one or more. A dehumidification system. When the conveyor belt passes through, hot air passes through the material on the conveyor belt from top to bottom or from bottom to top, so that the material can be evenly dried. Features of

Multi-layer net chain belt dryer for agricultural products Equipment:

1. There are many materials for one-time drying, and it can be continuously produced and dried, greatly reducing manual labor.

< p> 2. The best drying effect of Zui can be achieved by adjusting the gas volume, heating temperature, residence time of materials and feeding speed.

< p> 3. The equipment is flexible, and the washing system of mesh belt and material cooling system can be selected according to the need.

4. Part of the air is recycled to save energy. Special circulating air distributor makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality.

6. Steam, electric or hot blast stoves can be used for energy.

< p> Multi-layer net chain belt dryer for agricultural products simulates manual rewinding mode and provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article is from the drying equipment () network.

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