What are the advantages of the pine belt dryer scheme?

- May 03, 2019 -

The < strong > pine nut belt dryer is a kind of continuous drying equipment commonly used. It is widely used in the drying of sheet, strip, block, filter cake and particulate materials with good air permeability in chemical industry, food, medicine, building materials, electronics, agricultural and sideline products processing, feed production and other industries. Especially for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal slices, tea and other materials with high moisture content, while the drying temperature is not allowed to be high, it is particularly suitable. Pine mesh belt dryer uses hot air as drying medium. It generally circulates from bottom to top in the dryer. It makes the moisture content in the wet material evaporate and remove while continuously contacting with the wet material. It has the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity, good quality of materials after drying, no color change and large production capacity. The advantages of

< strong > pine nut < strong > belt < strong > dryer are mainly divided into the following points:

< p > 1. With a device to prevent potential safety hazards, the belt runs smoothly and flips freely, thus resolving the phenomena of chain dropping, chain jamming and deviation.

2. The heat-resistant steel wire used in screen mesh has high strength, not easy to deform and good air permeability.

3. The mesh belt is composed of electric tools. The speed of operation determines the drying humidity and the drying time. The

4. The inner part of the net belt dryer is controlled by the instrument force, which is convenient for controlling the indoor temperature of the dryer. Each mesh belt dryer has its own track, which is convenient for maintenance and safety.

6. Hot-blast stove heating equipment is automatic operation, automatic coal feeding, automatic slag removal, high thermal efficiency, wide adaptability of coal, clean and environmental protection, labor saving and time saving. There are three thermocouples in the kiln head, kiln middle, kiln tail, and there are three thermocouples in the kiln. The flue gas gate controls the temperature. Once the mechanical failure occurs, the gate is put down immediately to isolate the heat source and prevent the fire.

8. Use positive pressure blower to avoid the cold air and waste heat source, resulting in waste of heat energy and increase investment cost due to the improper sealing of the section and section diameter of the drying box.

9. Design to score from the upper low-temperature zone and exit from the tail low-temperature zone. Coal balls are gradually heated from the low-temperature zone and gradually heated from the high-temperature zone, so as to avoid the cracking and bursting of the briquettes containing 8-10% moisture after shaping due to the rapid heating, and the breakage rate is low. < p > < p > 10, air outlet temperature & le in the low temperature zone of the upper part of the drying box; 100 C, low dust content, long service life of the induced draft fan and low operation cost.

< strong > pine nut < strong > belt < strong > dryer has a wide range of applications. With the changes of the times, the old dryer has been unable to meet the needs of people in the market. The products should keep pace with the times and bring forth new ones. Otherwise, it will be difficult to survive in the fierce market competition for a long time. The information society requires all manufacturers to respond. It has the meaning of innovation and change, only around the market demand and the pace of development of the times, timely optimization of equipment, so that mesh belt dryer is more practical and has better and more value. What are the advantages of

pine belt dryer? Provide various types of drying equipment selection and budget quotation. This article is from the drying equipment () network.

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