Pistachia multilayer net belt dryer occupies small area and has high utilization rate of hot air

- May 03, 2019 -

The < strong > pistachio multi-layer net belt dryer is a batch and continuous drying equipment, which is mainly used for drying flaky, strip and granular materials with good air permeability. The pistachio ball is evenly distributed on the dryer through the scraper at the upper end of the flat conveyor, which improves the air permeability of pistachio and achieves the drying effect. The continuous production of all equipment can be guaranteed. The automatic control and manual control of temperature can be realized. The speed of transmission can be steplessly adjusted. The product is suitable for drying, dehydration and curing of products of various shapes, such as segment, flake and adjustable shapes.

< p> < strong > pistachio multi-layer mesh belt dryer is divided into microwave heating, hot air steam, heat pump cycle and other heating modes. According to the different moisture, output and organization of the dried products, single layer, three layer, five layer, seven layer and eight layer mesh belt dryers can be selected respectively. Microwave hot air and heat pump use high efficiency heat energy to supply heat, circulate hot air, and have high thermal efficiency. The bottom of the drying body is a movable pulling plate, which is easy to clean. The transmission speed of the mesh belt is adjustable, and it is equipped with an accurate temperature control device. Double pitch roller chain and sprocket drive, smooth operation, no dead point. The main features of the multi-layer net belt dryer for pistachios are as follows:

1. The design of the dryer is compact, reasonable and easy to operate.

2. The whole machine is driven by double pitch roller chain. The reciprocating drying is smooth in operation and there is no obstruction. The drive adopts adjustable speed motor, which has a wide range of application. The drying temperature and time can be adjusted, and the drying effect is excellent.

4. Effective energy-saving conversion system for equipment, reasonable heat distribution, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and large output.

p>strong>pistachio multi-layer mesh belt dryer has a wide range of applications. It can dry various strip, block and granular materials. Users can choose different layers, different lengths and different heat sources according to material requirements.

p>pistachio multi-layer net belt dryer covers a small area and has a high utilization rate of hot air. It provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and budget quotation. This article is from the drying equipment () network.

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