Microwave Food Extruding Equipment Satisfies the Benefits of Food Enterprises and Diners

- May 03, 2019 -

< strong > Microwave food extruding equipment is a kind of radiation conduction of electromagnetic energy, which makes water molecules absorb microwave energy, produce violent vibration of molecules and obtain kinetic energy. The temperature product of gas inside the material rises sharply. The rate of formation of internal steam is higher than the rate of migration of steam, so that the material has a vapor pressure gradient. When the pressure exceeds the bearing capacity of the structure, the material can be made fast through this pressure. Quick expansion.

Microwave food extrusion equipment is a pure physical process, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics. Its products have good swelling, uniform pore shape, yellow and white color, preserved the original nutritional ingredients, rehydration block, long bubble, non-rotten, no grease, good taste. The new technology of microwave food puffing, which is non-fried, labor-saving, smokeless, clean and hygienic, conforms to the concept of organic food, and is well recognized by consumers. It can be said that this technology is a revolutionary replacement for the traditional frying technology. Microwave food extrusion equipment is the development direction of extrusion technology. In the process of processing, the heating time of materials is very short, which overcomes the problem of oil content caused by fried extrusion. Microwave extrusion equipment has the advantages of uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, good product quality, easy control, small equipment area, energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, the prospect of microwave extrusion is very broad.

1. According to the food puffing process, customized, unique microwave puffing feeding mode and lard collection device, with mature counterpart equipment manufacturing experience, no longer need to take detours, equipment can create benefits when it reaches the factory. < p > < p > 2. Optimum material selection: food-grade stainless steel material for the whole machine, independent research and manufacture of microwave system core components or strictly according to standards, special electrical components for equipment are all adopted the highest standards in the same industry in China.

p>strong>microwave food puffing equipmentas a new type of food industry ‌ & zwnj; industrial production technology. Microwave puffing equipment is widely used in fast puffing and baking of leisure food, rice products, bean products, food, fish belly, fish skin, potato chips, shrimp chips and other products.

Microwave food extrusion equipment meets the double benefits of food enterprises and customers, and provides a variety of options and quotations for drying and extrusion equipment. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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