Technical upgrading of Apocynum venetum leaf dryer meets the environmental protection requirements of medicinal materials

- May 03, 2019 -

The drying rate of Apocynum venetum leaves . Whether the heating is uniform or not, the thickness of the medicinal material is appropriate. When operating the equipment, pay attention to check the quality of Apocynum venetum leaf drying, timely adjust the equipment temperature, the thickness of Apocynum venetum leaf stacking, so as to make the heating uniform.

< p> The drying mode, thickness and arrangement of Apocynum venetum leaves affect the drying speed. The accumulative thickness of Apocynum venetum leaves should be reasonably controlled, and the heat exchange area and ventilation rate of Apocynum venetum leaves should be increased, so as to accelerate the drying speed. In principle, the drying of Apocynum venetum leaves requires a single variety, not many varieties of Apocynum venetum leaves mixed together for drying.

Apocynum venetum leaf dryer precautions in operation, types of dried medicinal materials, whether cleaning and soaking are needed before drying. Apocynum venetum leaf dryer is composed of heating room and material room. The main equipment includes heating equipment, ventilation and dehumidification equipment, temperature and humidity control equipment. The hot air blockades the descending cycle in the drying oven, with high thermal efficiency, energy saving and no secondary pollution, which is suitable for the requirements of national food hygiene standards.

p>Apocynum venetum leaves drying production technology is relatively backward, especially in the process of drying Apocynum venetum leaves, the operation of coal-fired drying and baking, or sulfur fumigation and baking and other original processing methods, resulting in contamination of medicinal materials, sulfur exceeding the standard. This more or less affects the medicinal value of Apocynum venetum leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the technology at this moment in order to retain the effective substances and active ingredients of Apocynum venetum leaves as far as possible, and to elucidate the various medicinal functions of its application.

Chinese herbal medicine and Apocynum venetum leaves after harvest need to be dried and processed for storage except for a few kinds of fresh medicinal use. If the medicinal herbs are stored properly, such as drying, overdrying and not wet enough in shade, the decay of corrosive mildew will inevitably be perilous-rdquo; that is to say, drying and drying is the most extensive and crucial processing method for Chinese herbal medicine and Apocynum venetum leaves after harvest. Drying process is an important link affecting the quality and economic value of Apocynum venetum leaves. The drying outcome directly affects the operation, quality and appearance of the products. Influencing factors of

Apocynum venetum leaf dryer processing: species and characteristics of Apocynum venetum leaves, Apocynum venetum leaves include roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, skins, etc. The shape, size, thickness, texture and composition of Apocynum venetum leaves all influence the drying process of Apocynum venetum leaves.

p>Apocynum venetum leaf dryer technology upgrade meets the requirements of environmental protection of medicinal materials, providing a variety of drying equipment selection options and quotations. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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