Smart temperature and humidity control system for Salvia miltiorrhiza dryer is simple to operate.

- May 03, 2019 -

The Salvia miltiorrhiza dryer complete set of equipment can effectively guarantee the quality of dried materials, the color, appearance and effective ingredients of Salvia miltiorrhiza can be properly cared for; no pollution, no waste water, waste gas, waste residue discharged during drying process, environmental protection and energy saving; full automatic temperature control, simple operation, precise control, can be used completely. Work 24 hours a day without full-time staff guard; low energy consumption, ensure the drying quality of materials, while significantly reducing the cost of drying, good economy.

Danshen dryer high efficiency secondary waste heat recovery dehumidification device, in the process of dehumidification can also recover operating heat, 30% energy efficiency than ordinary heat pump dryer. The heat pump dryer of Salvia miltiorrhiza is highly intelligent. The temperature and humidity can be adjusted automatically according to the setting of the computer board to meet the drying process requirements of non-conforming materials. No special person is required to observe, after the material is dried or the temperature reaches the set point, the machine automatically stops, saving manpower and power. In the drying process, the drying speed decides the quality of the dried products, and the drying speed is related to the drying mode, and is affected by heating mode, heating temperature and temperature, humidity of medium, air velocity, fruit variety and state, etc.

Salvia miltiorrhiza drying machine: drying machine: high-strength galvanized sheet construction, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, 7-inch micro-computer touch screen, can intelligently control temperature and humidity, according to non-conforming product adjustment process, operation touch more flexible. Drying room: 10 cm polyurethane cold storage board, good strength, good insulation, can reduce heat loss, easy installation, removable. Material truck: According to the incompatibility of drying materials, stainless steel or angle iron frame can be used, and screen tray can be dismantled. Smart temperature and humidity control system is easy to operate for

Salvia miltiorrhiza dryer, which provides various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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