Fine drying processing of areca nut tobacco production line has unique flavor

- May 03, 2019 -

The dry production method of betel nut tobacco fruit mainly includes the following steps: selection of betel nut fresh fruit, cleaning, peeling, soaking in calcium hydroxide, cooking, smoking, microwave puffing, development, stewing, slicing, nucleation, packaging and microwave sterilization. The production method of Arecoline and arecoline in areca nut can greatly reduce the content of Arecoline and arecoline in areca nut, can reduce the risk of oral cancer and eat safer. Moreover, the prepared areca nut has high puffing efficiency, fluffy texture, obvious texture stratification, soft taste, increased flexibility, good taste and stable property, and the areca nut has been retained. The traditional fragrance is strong and sweet, with fruit fragrance, fragrance but not greasy, unique taste. The drying production method of betel nut tobacco fruit is characterized by the following steps: (1) selecting fresh betel nut fruit, cleaning it after selection, and then adding fresh betel nut and abrasives in a ratio of 1:(1) to a peeler for 35 45 minutes, removing the wax layer on the surface of betel nut fresh fruit;

(2) cleaning the fresh betel nut fruit after step (1) treatment. After that, the fresh areca nut was soaked in calcium hydroxide solution for 16 to 24 hours. Then, the fresh areca nut was cleaned and steamed in a 100 ~C cooking pot for 35 to 40 minutes. After cooking, the areca nut was removed and dried.

< p> (3) The treated areca nut was fumigated and dried at 60 to 65 ~C, and the water content of areca nut was 35% (4) the areca nut was dried by smoking at 60 to 65 ~C. Areca catechu was cleaned and then added to a high pressure pot containing sodium hydroxide solution, boiled for 10 15 minutes at 80 The microwave power of the microwave expansion process is 10_12KW/m2, the temperature is 80_90 C, the processing time is 70_100s, the air extraction capacity of the dehumidifier is 1000_1500m3/h,

p>(6). The expanded areca nut is treated by pinning holes, and then added into the hair-making liquid, and it is prepared at 50_70 C and 0.1_0.2MPa for 45_h. After completion, areca nut was dried to 25%-28% water content in hot air at 65 Drying treatment, at the same time, the moisture in the microwave drying chamber is discharged by the dehumidifier, and when the water content of areca nut is 35%-40%, the material is discharged;

(8) The areca nut tablets are finalized, then the prepared superficial liquid is boiled into a thick slurry, then added into the areca nut while hot, stirred to the areca nut surface and evenly wrapped the superficial liquid; (9) Areca nut slices are cored, then vacuum packaged. Betelnut tobacco is obtained by microwave sterilization, in which the microwave sterilization conditions are as follows: microwave power is 0.5 0.8KW/m < sup > 2, temperature is 70 75 C, sterilization time is 60 120 s. The refined drying process of betel nut tobacco production line has unique flavor and offers various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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