Fluidization of Jujube Seed Drying Equipment Enhances Clean Production Efficiency of Dry Jujube

- May 03, 2019 -

The drying equipment of jujube kernel has the characteristics of product and advanced inner circulation technology. The drying equipment of jujube kernel has the coexistence of three circulation modes: inner circulation, outer circulation and internal and external compatibility. The precise control of hot air temperature, humidity and air volume fully meets the requirements of the latest drying technology and greatly improves the variety and commerciality of dried jube.

The unique multi-temperature zone design of the drying equipment for jujube kernel. According to the high-quality drying process curve of jujube kernel processing, the drying equipment for jujube kernel sets multiple temperature zones in the horizontal and vertical direction of the equipment. Jujube kernel is made from top to bottom in the drying room-ldquo; s” during the rotary movement of the section, it passes through three evaporation stages of preheating, uniform drying and deceleration drying in turn, and the evaporation balance inside and outside of jube kernel is balanced. Sugar inside is fully converted, good taste and bright color.

Automation Sour Jujube Kernel Drying Equipment Production Line is composed of classifier, cleaner and dryer. Jieneng New Age Series Automated Jujube Seed Dryer belongs to the multi-layer section rotary belt type automatic hot air drying equipment. It fully absorbs the advantages of traditional hot air drying technology, adopts the advanced multi-layer pipe network pulse air supply technology in the industry, makes the traditional hot air drying technology and automation technology organic integration, solidifies the drying process curve of Jujube Seed in the equipment, and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional hot air drying technology. The dried jujube kernels depend on people in the drying process, preserve the inherent quality of jujube kernels, realize the high quality, high efficiency, quality standardization and hygienic controllability of jujube kernels drying. The dried jujube kernels have good shape, sweet taste and bright color. They are advanced drying equipment suitable for different varieties and moisture content of jujube kernels.

p>strong>sour jujube kernel drying equipment advanced pipeline design, easy operation and labor saving of sour jujube kernel drying equipment. The drying equipment of jujube kernel runs stably and has a long service life. The fluidization of drying equipment for Zizyphus spinosa seeds greatly improves the clean production efficiency of dried jujube, and provides various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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