The production capacity of lithium manganate drying equipment has been greatly improved by microwave drying technology

- May 03, 2019 -

lithium manganate microwave drying equipment has advanced technology, easy to control, energy saving and high efficiency. As long as the microwave power is controlled, the heating and termination can be realized immediately. The man-machine interface and PLC automatic control are applied. The equipment uses electric energy to convert into microwave energy to heat materials, and the energy utilization rate can reach 80% or more, which is less than 1/3 than infrared heating.

microwave lithium manganate drying equipment is suitable for rapid drying of chemical materials such as lithium manganate, with fast heating speed, uniform heating, good product quality, effective evaporation of moisture in materials, no local caking phenomenon, no need for secondary drying, improve enterprise efficiency, and is an advanced microwave drying equipment. The microwave lithium manganate dryer adopts tunnel structure, mainly made of stainless steel plate, has strong heat insulation and corrosion resistance, is easy to clean, is not easy to be corroded by chemical powder, and has a long service life. The equipment adopts PLC system, strong cold and hot air system, infrared temperature measuring system, etc., real-time monitoring, one-key setting, automatic system, realizing pipeline work greatly. Improve the overall production efficiency and enterprise efficiency. Microwave drying equipment for lithium manganate uses microwave to heat lithium manganate in a non-contact way. The heating is rapid, uniform and the product quality is good. Microwave heating is different from traditional heating method, it makes the heated material itself become a heating body, does not need the heat conduction process, heating rapidly, can heat the material in a very short time to achieve the purpose of drying materials; microwave selective heating makes the material surface uniformly heated at the same time, does not appear caking phenomenon, does not need secondary drying, the overall quality of the product is improved. Rise. The microwave drying technology has greatly increased the productivity of lithium manganate drying equipment

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