Case Sharing of Gastrodia elata Dryer Application

- May 03, 2019 -

Strong > Gastrodia elata dryer and processing flow: Gastrodia elata excavation - grading screening - steaming - primary drying - secondary drying. After digging Gastrodia elata, the soil is quickly washed and the surface water is dried in the ventilation area, and then graded according to size. More than 150 grams are grade one, 100-150 grams are grade two, 50-100 grams are grade three, 25-50 grams are grade four, 25 grams are not suitable for processing, should continue to be used as seed. Wild Gastrodia elata, processed separately under 25 grams. Damaged and worm-eaten Gastrodia elata should be treated as foreign products.

Gastrodia elata was steamed in cage in time after grading. Gastrodia elata is steamed for 20-30 minutes, secondary for 15-20 minutes, tertiary for 10-15 minutes and tertiary for 8-10 minutes. Steamed Gastrodia elata suitable, picked up in the dark to view the light, visible transparent Gastrodia elata slightly shadow in the middle; broken Gastrodia elata examination, visible slightly white heart in the middle (accounting for about one fifth of the diameter of the hemp body). If steamed excessively, the drying rate of Gastrodia elata will be reduced.

If it is processed as a gift or for export transparent & ldquo; Snow Gastrodia elata & rdquo; the crude surface of Gastrodia elata should be peeled off in time after steaming, or the crude skin of Gastrodia elata should be scraped off before steaming. Gastrodia elata after plastic surgery, one is neat, beautiful, commodity value increased; the other is through plastic, flattened hemp body, easy to dry. After steaming Gastrodia elata, it is first dried in Gastrodia elata dryer or heat pump drying room to half-dry. At the beginning of drying, the temperature should be maintained at 55-65 C and proper ventilation should be maintained. Increase gradually to 70 C. In the early drying stage, if the temperature is too high, Gastrodia elata tends to appear chaff core; when the temperature is too low and the ventilation is not good, Gastrodia elata tends to deteriorate. If the weather is fine, it can also dry in the sun and at night to reduce the cost of drying.

is usually done when the hemp body is still soft and the drying time is 70.80%. At this time, the Gastrodia elata is taken out, the hemp body is straightened out as far as possible, and then the plank is pressed hard to make the shape more beautiful. If there are bubbles on the surface of the hemp body, bamboo sticks can be used to puncture it, and then continue drying.

p>Gastrodia elata was dried. After shaping, Gastrodia elata was re-entered into the dryer or drying room, and the temperature was maintained at 55 ~60 C, then gradually reduced to 50 C. Gastrodia elata was thoroughly dried. When Gastrodia elata is about to dry, it is easy to scorch Gastrodia elata if the temperature is too high. Control the temperature and humidity of the drying room, and pay attention to the drying state of Gastrodia elata in time.

Gastrodia elata dryer This case only provides reference, the actual situation please take the scene as the standard, specific details can be consulted with project technicians.

Gastrodia elata dryer application real landing case sharing, provide a variety of forms of drying equipment selection and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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