Discussion on the application of continuous mesh-belt microwave drying equipment in uninterrupted production

- May 03, 2019 -

Industrial microwave drying equipment continuous production process technology, characterized by the following technical solutions:

1), materials are placed in the hopper, evenly laid on the conveyor belt after the bottom of the hopper distribution device, which width is 600 mm to 1200 mm, thickness is 20 mm to 80 mm;

< P > 2), the conveyor belt is driven by the motor, at a certain speed. The material is loaded into the microwave drying chamber at a uniform speed; 3) the material is irradiated by microwave in the chamber to produce water vapor, which moves upward and enters the dehumidification pipeline from both sides of the top of the chamber, and is discharged outdoors through the external pipeline under the dehumidification effect of the fan;

4) the cold air filtered by the air filter is blown into the air duct and the microwave hair in the air duct is cooled. At the same time, it blows to the space between the microwave generator and the heat insulation plate below, cooling the other side of the microwave generator, and the hot air discharged from the fan is blown into the microwave chamber through the hot air recycling pipeline as another heat source for material processing;

5). After drying, the material reaches the outlet and enters the feeding bin by the hopper. The continuous production technology of industrial microwave drying equipment uses microwave energy to penetrate into the material interior, so that heat energy can be generated in the material surface at the same time without external drying and internal humidity. The moisture content of the material can be controlled by controlling the time when the material is irradiated by microwave; the double-sided cooling technology for multi-tube microwave generator can improve the service life of the microwave generator; at the same time, the feeding hopper and the feeding hopper are also used. A distributor and a dust-proof airtight device are set up separately, so that the material will not leak and dust during transportation, so as to improve the efficiency of material transportation, reduce environmental pollution and harm to workers'health. Discuss the application of continuous mesh-belt microwave drying equipment in continuous production, provide various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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