Diamond Drying and Screening Automation Production Line System Solves the Problem of Labor-intensive and High Cost

- May 03, 2019 -

The diamond drying and sieving automatic production system includes storage bin, conveyor, microwave drying equipment , hoist, sieving machine, buffer bin, control system, multiple sorters, at least one AGV intelligent cloth truck and the track belt used to guide the AGV intelligent cloth truck, multiple sorting machines are arranged side by side, and the track belt is laid on the ground.

diamond drying and sieving automatic production system features: magnetic stations are set near the hoppers of the first separator and the last separator, or magnetic stations are set in front of the hoppers of each separator in the multiple separators; vibration feeder and AGV intelligent distributor sensor are set on the buffer bin, and the AGV intelligent distributor sensor is set up. A magnetic station sensor is arranged on the driving wheel of the driving device of the AGV intelligent distributor. The AGV intelligent distributor includes the car body, the driving part, the walking part and the storage battery, the distributor part, the operation panel and the automatic charging part mounted on the body skeleton, and the lower part and the fixed part of the body skeleton. A control room is formed by a baffle fixed on the body frame, and the control room is provided with a controller part and a guide part; the walking part is arranged on the bottom surface of the body frame, and the driving part is arranged under the body and connected with the lower part of the body frame through a shock absorption connecting device. The application of

diamond drying and screening automatic production system greatly reduces workers'labor precedence, improves work efficiency and reduces production costs.

Diamond drying and screening automation production line system solves the problem of labor-intensive and high cost, and provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and quotation. This paper comes from the microwave hot air drying equipment () network.

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