Three Technological Processes of Pyrophyllite Microwave Drying

- May 03, 2019 -

The pyrophyllite microwave drying process includes the following three steps: (1) laying pyrophyllite blocks with initial moisture content of 4%-5% in 80-90 cm3 evenly on the conveyor belt of microwave drying equipment;

< p> (2) transferring pyrophyllite blocks to the microwave cavity of microwave drying equipment and drying them continuously by microwave. The moisture in the microwave chamber of the microwave drying equipment is discharged by a dehumidifier; when the moisture content of pyrophyllite is 1%-1.5%, the drying is stopped;

(3) The pyrophyllite treated by steps (2) is discharged and cooled naturally, that is to say, the dried pyrophyllite is obtained. The drying method has uniform heating and stable temperature rise, effectively solves the problems of foaming and cracking on the surface of pyrophyllite material during drying process, and the quality of pyrophyllite obtained after drying is good; moreover, the drying method of the invention adopts clean energy and has no pollution to the environment. Three main processes of microwave drying of pyrophyllite are

. Various types of drying equipment and quotation are provided. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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