Design of Microwave Softening Equipment and Process for Areca catechu

- May 03, 2019 -

The microwave softening technology and equipment of Areca catechu includes the following steps: selecting Areca catechu fresh fruit, cleaning and decontaminating areca catechu, adding 3% sodium hydroxide solution, boiling in a high-pressure cooker at 80-100 C for 10-15 minutes, and then drying; sieving; laying the sorted Areca catechu on the conveyor belt in turn, and transporting it to the microwave chamber for microwave. Softening treatment; Slope cutting, take out areca nut, this process has the advantages of fast softening speed, high product quality, clean and environmental protection, and the whole process is easy to control, low energy consumption. Based on the traditional microwave equipment , betel nut microwave softening equipment improves U-belt and installs pneumatic deviation correction system to prevent betel nut from slipping. The equipment has simple structure and convenient operation.

A microwave softening technology of areca nut is characterized by the following steps: (1) selecting a batch of areca nut fresh fruits with good phase and uniform maturity;

(2) cleaning the areca nut selected in the step (1) removing surface dust and stains, adding 3% sodium hydroxide solution, boiling in a high pressure pot at 80-100 (?) for 10-15 minutes, and setting the drying table. Surface moisture;

(3) Screening the areca nut after standing for drying;

(4) Laying the areca nut after classification on the conveyor belt in turn and transporting it to the microwave chamber for microwave softening treatment, the microwave power is 12-15kw/, the temperature is 60-80 C, and the softening time is 60-120s; In the softening process, centrifugal fan is used to soften the areca nut. The air volume of centrifugal fan is 1300~3000m3/h;

(5) After the softening of betel nut is completed, the slope will be cut down naturally and the betel nut will be removed. The microwave softening equipment and technological process design of betel nut

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