Fig drying equipment to solve the predicament of natural drying depending on natural harvest

- May 03, 2019 -

Fig dryer process: 65-75 degree heat preservation for 3-5 hours, 50-55 degree heat preservation for 16 hours, 55-60 degree heat preservation for 1 hour, a total of 19-20 hours. Note: Hot air blower keeps recording by hour.

Fig drying equipment Characteristics: Energy saving, only one third to one quarter of the cost of electric drying. Low drying temperature, for many agricultural by-product materials, excessive drying temperature is often an important reason for excessive loss of nutrients and material quality. When the drying temperature is too low, the conventional airflow drying speed is very low, the drying time is doubled, and the final moisture content of products often can not meet the quality requirements. Heat pump drying has a unique dehumidification function. It can dry the material at a lower temperature and reduce the final moisture content of the material to a very low level.

Firstly, the heat source of fig dryer described in this paper is air-energy heat pump dryer equipment, which uses the heat in the atmosphere to dry materials, does not produce pollution in the drying process, and conforms to the standards stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations of the atmospheric environment and the existing environmental protection and ecology.

Secondly, figs are processed by traditional air-drying method, which requires a wide range of air-drying field to meet the processing requirements of fig drying. The fig dryer can make full use of the hierarchical space and stack the figs with space, which can effectively reduce the demand of figs for the site.

Then figs inevitably come into contact with mosquitoes in the traditional air-drying process. Long-time air-drying will inevitably lead to the emergence of pollutants. Air-energy heat pump drying room can avoid environmental pollution and effectively reduce the disturbance of mosquitoes and other insects.

< p> Furthermore, if figs are dried by traditional air drying, a large number of artificial flipping and repetitive flipping of figs are needed for the effect of drying. Using fig dryer and reasonable duct design, the hot air can be delivered to all aspects of fig without manual exposure, which can achieve better drying effect.

Finally, Fig dryer uses atmospheric heat with low energy consumption and good heating effect, which can effectively reduce investment costs.

Fig drying equipment solves the predicament of natural drying depending on natural harvest, and provides various types of drying equipment selection scheme and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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