Microwave Drying Method and Steps Control of Finalized Hot Wood Leaves

- May 03, 2019 -

The method of microwave drying of Moringa oleifera leaves includes the following steps: (1) putting fresh Moringa oleifera leaves into the cloth bin of microwave drying equipment for mechanical cloth, spreading Moringa oleifera leaves flat on the conveyor belt of microwave drying equipment;

< p> (2) transmitting the cloth to the microwave chamber of microwave drying equipment, drying them by microwave, and drying them by microwave, at the same time, using a moisture extractor to make microwave drying. The moisture in the microwave chamber of the drying equipment is discharged; when the moisture content of the leaves is 0.5%-3%, the discharged materials are discharged, and the discharged temperature is 45-55 degrees C;

(3) The processed leaves are sent to the superfine crusher for crushing, and then the crushed materials are inspected and packaged to obtain the finished products of the dried leaves.

< p> The method has the advantages of short drying time, simple process and high efficiency. After drying, the color of the finished product of Moringa oleifera leaves is basically unchanged, the color is pure, the nutritional active ingredients are less destroyed, and the nutritional quality of the obtained Moringa oleifera leaf powder is high.

Finalize the microwave drying method and process control of Hot Wood Leaves. Provide various types of drying equipment options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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