Brief discussion on practicability of heat pump dehumidifier for camellia seed dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The key steps of camellia seed dryer practicability are discussed briefly: according to the characteristics of Camellia seed, the camellia seed is wrapped with a dense and segregated tea seed shell, which hinders the heat transfer and moisture evaporation of Camellia seed, and most of the moisture of camellia seed is concentrated in Camellia seed. The traditional drying method has a long drying cycle, low efficiency and is not environmentally friendly. The drying time of Camellia oleifera seeds is greatly reduced by using heat pump drying camellia seed dryer . The drying time of Camellia oleifera seeds in each batch is about 20 hours, which is divided into five key steps: (1) Step

1, temperature control at 55 C, time not more than 2 hours, only heated but not dehumidified, so that camellia seeds are uniformly heated, reach the average uniform temperature, and water begins to transpire into the air. With the increase of temperature of Camellia oleifera seeds in the air, the vapor partial pressure on the surface of Camellia oleifera seeds also increased, and the rate of water vaporization also increased rapidly.

Step 2: Start to raise temperature and dehumidify. The temperature is controlled at 60 ~C. The humidity decreases from 75% to 55%. The time is about 6 hours. The speed of water diffusion from the surface of Camellia oleifera seeds to the surrounding media, and the moisture content decreases linearly. Step 3:

Maintain constant drying temperature at 60 ~C. Continuous dehumidification method is adopted to dehumidify the moisture to 40% for 4 hours. The water vapor pressure on the surface of Camellia oleifera seeds is in the dehumidification state corresponding to the temperature of Camellia oleifera seeds at this time.

Step 4: Similarly, the humidity was reduced to 30%, and the temperature was increased by 3 degrees C on the basis of Step 2 for 4 hours, with the drying speed unchanged.

Step 5: Reduce the humidity to 20%, keep the temperature unchanged for 4 hours, and air humidity to 20%. The humidity of camellia seeds is about 10-12%. Drying 2 tons of Camellia seeds, a 12P heat pump camellia seed dryer, sharing 20 hours, consuming 300 degrees of electricity. The average power consumption per kilogram of wet camellia seeds is 0.075 degrees. Heat pump drying dehumidifier camellia seed dryer has remarkable energy saving effect. The drying process has zero pollution and no pollution emissions. The tea seeds dried by heat pump have the characteristics of crisp shell, soft kernel and high oil yield. The practicability of

heat pump dehumidifier for camellia seed dryer is briefly discussed. Various types of drying equipment options and quotations are provided. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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