Upgrading of Atractylodes macrocephala dryer towards energy-saving drying equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

Atractylodes macrocephala dryer can drying Chinese herbal medicine according to the type and operation to an inevitable degree. The technical level of herbal medicine dryer and the scientific and technological content of the city directly affect the drying degree of herbal medicine. Some industry insiders suggest that advanced technology and high quality equipment can effectively make Atractylodes macrocephala meet the required water requirements, thus preventing mildew of Atractylodes macrocephala and delaying the shelf life of traditional Chinese medicine.

White Atractylodes rhizome dryer complete set of equipment can effectively guarantee the quality of dried materials, white Atractylodes rhizome color, appearance and effective ingredients can be properly cared for; drying process will not cause any pollution to medicinal materials and the environment, no waste water, waste gas, waste residue discharge, environmental protection and energy saving; using automatic temperature control, simple operation, precise control, can be 24 hours a day. Work without full-time personnel guard; low energy consumption, ensure the drying quality of materials at the same time, greatly reduce the cost of drying, good economy. Composition of

Baizhu dryer : drying main machine: high strength galvanized sheet construction, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, 7 inch micro-computer touch screen, can intelligently control temperature and humidity, adjust process according to non-conforming products, operate touch more flexible. Drying room: 10 cm polyurethane cold storage board, good strength, good insulation, can reduce heat loss, easy installation, removable. Material truck: According to the incompatibility of drying materials, stainless steel or angle iron frame can be used, and screen tray can be dismantled.

Atractylodes macrocephala heat pump dryer is a new type of energy-saving drying equipment with high efficiency. Its working principle is that according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, a small amount of electricity is used to operate the compressor to receive a large amount of heat energy in the air, evaporate the working substance into gas in the evaporator through the expansion valve, then compress the gaseous substance into high-temperature and high-pressure gas through the compressor, and then enter the condensation. The drying medium is heated by exothermic device, so that the drying medium can be heated repeatedly. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

atractylodes macrocephala dryer precautions in operation, types of drying medicinal materials, whether cleaning and soaking are needed before drying. Characteristic of Atractylodes macrocephala drying machine: It adopts PLC touch screen intelligent control to meet the curvilinear drying process requirements of materials. It has many functions such as timely, heating, refrigeration, dehumidification, dehumidification, fresh air and so on. Break the technical bottleneck of traditional dehumidifier and ordinary heat pump dehumidifier: solve the technical problem of poor dehumidifier and even idle operation (compressor running without dehydration) of traditional dehumidifier under high temperature and low humidity conditions. The weird drying room hot air cycle system brings heat to every corner of the drying room to raise the temperature of the drying room, and takes away the water evaporated from the material.

Atractylodes macrocephala dryer upgrades towards energy-saving drying equipment, providing a variety of drying equipment selection options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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