Discussion on Heat Source and Technology Effect of Morinda officinalis Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Electric heating is used in Morinda officinalis dryer You can also choose heat exchange type Morinda officinalis dryer, special heat exchanger, fuel operability: coal, biomass particles, wood, straw, fuel oil, natural gas and so on. The purpose of drying is to understand the dehydration, according to the action of enzyme, prevent the differentiation of active ingredients, and facilitate the long-term storage of standby. The appearance, odor and content of active ingredients of crude drugs should be kept unchanged as far as possible during drying. According to the climate, equipment conditions and properties of medicinal materials, the appropriate dryer and drying process for medicinal materials were selected.

Application scale of drying system of Morinda officinalis dryer: Tribulus terrestris, honeysuckle, nine-incense insect, leek seed, mugwort leaf, Hedyotis diffusa, white grass root, Atractylodes macrocephala, rubiaceae, Qinpi, scorpion, honeysuckle vine, mulberry bark, mulberry leaf, yam, hawthorn leaf, Cornus officinalis, mercury, snake bed, pomegranate bark, jujube seed. The drying rate of Morinda officinalis L. Whether the heating is uniform or not, the thickness of the medicinal material is appropriate. When operating the equipment, pay attention to check the dry quality of Morinda officinalis, adjust the temperature of the equipment and the stacking thickness of Morinda officinalis in time, so as to heat evenly.

Morinda officinalis drying production technology is relatively backward, especially in the drying process of Morinda officinalis, the operation of coal-fired drying and baking, or sulfur fumigation and baking and other original processing methods, resulting in contamination of medicinal materials, sulfur exceeding the standard. In this way, more or less cities affect the medicinal value of Morinda officinalis. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the technology at this moment in order to retain the effective substances and active ingredients of Morinda officinalis as far as possible, and to elucidate the various medicinal functions of its application.

Morinda officinalis dryer complete set of equipment can effectively guarantee the quality of dried substances, Morinda officinalis color, appearance and effective ingredients can be properly cared for; no pollution, no waste water, waste gas, waste residue discharged during drying process, environmental protection and energy saving; automatic temperature control, simple operation, precise control. It can work 24 hours a day without full-time personnel. It has low energy consumption and ensures the drying quality of materials, while greatly reducing the cost of drying, and has good economy.

Morinda officinalis dryer adopt advanced fresh air pre-dehumidification function to ensure fresh air drying and meet strict drying process. Drying process is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, no combustion and emissions, fully suitable for food hygiene standards, is a sustainable growth of environmental products. Discuss the heat source and technological effect of Morinda officinalis dryer, provide various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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