High-quality mushroom dryer still needs to control seven main technological essentials

- May 03, 2019 -

The application technology of mushroom dryer equipment is very important. The process of mushroom drying production line plays a key role in the shape, color and fragrance of mushroom.

1. Preliminary drying period: the starting temperature should not be too high or too low, and it should be controlled at 35 ~C. At this time, the intake and exhaust holes should be opened, the return temperature holes should be closed, and the drying time should be 3-mdash; 4 hours. Generally, the hourly temperature rises by 1-mdash, and by 3 degrees Celsius, the temperature rises gradually to about 40 degrees Celsius.

2, constant-speed drying period: drying to 4 & mdash; after 5 hours, the temperature will gradually rise to about 50 C, about 2 C per hour, and the intake and exhaust holes will be closed by 1/3. In this stage, the general drying period is 3 & mdash; 4 hours.

3, drying period: drying 8-mdash; 9 hours, the temperature will gradually rise to 55-mdash; 60 C, then the intake and exhaust holes should be closed by 1/2, the return temperature hole opened by 1/2, this stage generally drying 1-mdash; 2 hours.

4, complete drying period: the last hour, the temperature should be controlled at 60-mdash; 65 C, the intake and exhaust holes are all closed, the return temperature holes are all opened, so that the hot air circulates up and down, which can ensure the yolk of bacterial pleats and increase the aroma.

5, mushroom dryer heating and cooling should not be too fast, can only gradually increase or decrease, otherwise the mushroom cover wrinkles affect the quality.

6. The highest temperature should not exceed 65 C. Otherwise, it is easy to scorch.

7, mushrooms with white or greyish white mushrooms can put mushrooms on top and put them on the screen of mushrooms. Evenly spray the water onto the mushrooms with a clean sprayer. Do not spray them on the fungus brown, then put them into the drying room, close the doors and windows, and press for 30 minutes before drying normally. 2-mdash can be used for one time, and 3 times for the same color of mushroom noodles.

high quality mushroom dryer still needs to control seven main technological essentials, and provide a variety of drying equipment selection options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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