Red jujube dryer adopts microwave hot air technology to produce natural color and luster

- May 03, 2019 -

The special multi-temperature zone design of jujube dryer sets multiple temperature zones in the horizontal and vertical direction of the equipment according to the best drying process curve of jujube processing; jujube is made from top to bottom in the drying room “ s” in the process of rotary movement of the section, three evaporation stages are successively carried out, namely preheating, uniform drying and deceleration drying, with the evaporation balance inside and outside of jube balanced and the transformation and filling of sugar inside jube. It has good taste and bright color. The production line of

automatic jujube dryer consists of classifier, cleaning machine and drying box. Automated jujube dryer belongs to multi-layer section revolving belt type automatic hot air drying equipment. It fully absorbs the advantages of traditional hot air drying technology, adopts the world's advanced multi-layer pipe network circulating air supply technology, makes the traditional hot air drying technology and automation technology organic integration, solidifies the drying process curve of jujube in the equipment, and overcomes the problem of jube drying in the process of drying. Human dependence, preservation of the inherent quality of jujube, high quality, high efficiency, quality standardization and health controllability of jujube drying, dried jujube fruit type, taste sweet, bright color, is suitable for different varieties, different moisture content of the advanced equipment for jujube drying.

jujube dryer equipment features, matching advanced internal circulation technology, with the coexistence of internal circulation, external circulation, internal and external compatibility of three circulation modes. Hot air temperature, humidity, air volume can be accurately controlled fully in line with the recent drying process requirements, greatly improving the variety and commerciality of dried jujube.

Microwave drying equipment processing process: grading treatment before drying-rarr; high-pressure bubble cleaning-rarr; brush cleaning-rarr; vibration leaching-rarr; microwave drying sterilization-rarr; cooling-rarr; grading treatment-rarr after drying; packaging. The quality of jujube dried by microwave dryer was about 10% with 28% moisture content. The type of jujube dried by microwave was plump, the color of jujube remained unchanged, and the shelf life was prolonged. The big jujube slices produced by microwave are crisp, tasty and the color is the same as that of the original jujube, which has the most market value.

Red jujube dryer adopts microwave hot air technology to produce natural color, providing various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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