Microwave Sludge Paper Dryer Brings Technological Innovation for Sludge Paper Making

- May 03, 2019 -

Microwave sludge paper dryer equipment is a new high-tech production equipment, which changes the traditional heat transfer method of heating and drying cardboard. As well as improving the traditional drying equipment when the heat transfer temperature is high or low, resulting in different angles of coking and coke endogenous phenomenon, non-uniform heating and other drawbacks. Microwave does not need preheating and heat transfer, but directly heating cardboard from inside to outside at the same time. Moreover, the heating uniformity is good, the deformation is not changed, the dry humidity is easy to control, and the equipment can be continuously produced, the process operation is simple, the equipment can be operated by a single person, and the labor force can be saved. Characteristics of

Microwave Sludge Paper Dryer: Microwave drying is fast and efficient; Sludge Paper is uniform, flat and small in shape. The gluing is firm, and the water resistance and compression resistance are greatly improved. Compared with far infrared drying, the drying time is shortened by 2/3 and the energy consumption is saved by 1/3. Microwave drying process has a strong bactericidal function, which greatly improves the anti-mildew ability of sludge paper and prolongs its shelf life. Easy to operate, save manpower, occupy a small area; safe and sanitary, bad protection, no noise, no pollution.

MicrowaveSludge Paper Dryer is a fast drying and continuous drying equipment for thick wood board, gray board, corrugated board, double-gray board, coated board, white board, double-gray high-gloss board, kraft board, paper tube, honeycomb board, packaging carton and other paper products.

At present, the import of foreign waste is limited and environmental protection factors affect it. Many large-scale paper enterprises in the industry have begun to seek ways to solve the problem of raw materials and convert waste paper into waste pulp for re-import. The investment of waste pulp production line is much less than that of paper production line. Considering various risks, it is appropriate to invest in waste pulp production line. However, with the rapid development of the paper industry, the production of papermaking wastewater is increasing year by year, which has become the difficulty of sewage treatment in Chengbei Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.

Papermaking sludge brings troubles such as perishability, stench, inconvenience in transportation and difficulty in treatment. In order to solve this problem, comprehensive utilization of papermaking wastewater was put on the agenda, sludge was made into sludge paper, and a new way of sewage treatment was found - ldquo; rdquo;.

in a company in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai & ldquo; sludge papermaking & rdquo; project special workshop, accumulated sludge after wastewater treatment. Workers are grabbing time to add materials and compress the paper sludge. After dewatering, steaming and drying, a pile of waste sludge will become valuable sludge paper.

Paper mill wastewater contains a large number of fine fibers and paper fillers, which can be treated as sewage. It not only wastes resources, but also increases the difficulty of sewage treatment. Beginning in March 2015, the company began to use sludge from sewage treatment as raw material, through various processes, to make sludge paper, which can be used in packaging boxes, photo albums, office stationery and many other industries. First, it can solve sludge accumulation, second, it can make sustainable use of resources, and third, it can produce certain economic benefits, which can be said to be three birds with one stone.

Through continuous machine renewal and technological reform, this year's company & ldquo; sludge papermaking & rdquo; has increased its strength by half. Today, sewage treatment plants can treat up to 40 tons of sludge per day, and produce up to 13 tons of sludge paper.

p>microwavesludge paper dryeris“ sludge paper-making” brings technological innovation, and provides various types of drying equipment options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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