Continuous heat pump drying line for meat products meets all-weather production requirements

- May 03, 2019 -

For the first time, a meat product manufacturer in Zhejiang has adopted continuous heat pump drying line to change the traditional drying mode, improve the drying environment and product hygiene, and meet the product requirements of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. Hot air equipment has created greater economic benefits for meat products manufacturer, mainly reflected in the following aspects. Characteristics of

First, drying cost and efficiency are low:

Continuous heat pump hot air energy consumption is 50% of electric heat pipe energy consumption, 40% of steam energy consumption, 20% of coal combustion, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and durability. Characteristics of

2. Intelligent control of the whole process:

heat pump special drying equipment for meat products In the drying process, the temperature, humidity and time can be automatically adjusted and controlled, the equipment has intelligent safeguard measures such as overtemperature alarm, fault alarm, and has the function of timing start and shutdown, which completely achieves the drying state of no one on duty. Characteristics of

3. Excellent drying quality:

Special drying equipment for heat pump meat products has similar drying method with natural drying principle, the drying process is isolated from the outside world, no fly bite and impurity pollution, good drying quality, good quality and high grade of dried materials. With the intelligent control of temperature and humidity, the color, appearance, texture and other parameters of the drying products are controlled in an excellent state. Characteristics 3. Safety and environmental protection:

Heat pump meat products drying equipment for heat transfer device, the main energy for environmental temperature and a small part of electricity supply, a complete set of equipment configuration circuit protection system, drying process without open fire, smoke, waste residue generation. As an excellent hot air drying equipment with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Special performance:

Heat pump has the function of dehumidification and cooling while drying. It can reduce the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment at the same time, and has a significant improvement effect on reducing the humidity and temperature of the workshop working area. The main structure of the special drying equipment for heat pump meat products:

1, heat source air-energy heat pump equipment.

2. Insulation room device.

3. Hot air circulation device in drying room.

4. Automatic dehumidifier.

5. Intelligent temperature and humidity control device.

Processing flow of dried preserved meat drying equipment:

1. Dried preserved meat: the main purpose of baking is to promote color and dehydration ripening. Put a large piece of meat flattened on the sieve into the drying box. The drying temperature is 55-60 C, and the pre-baking temperature can be slightly higher. When the thickness of meat slices is between 0.2 and 0.3 centimeters, it is better to dry to 25% moisture content. Baking: Baking is to further ripen the semi-finished products at high temperature and soften the texture to produce a good barbecue taste and oily appearance. When baking, the semi-finished products can be placed on the rotary iron mesh of the baking furnace. The temperature of the baking oven is about 200 C, and the baking time is 8-10 minutes. The baking time should be taken as the criterion, and no baking should be allowed. The water content of finished products should be less than 20%, generally 13-16% is the appropriate. Characteristics of special drying equipment for heat pump meat products

1, control system

microcomputer PLC automatic control, temperature adjustable, humidity controllable, 24-hour automatic operation, precise control of temperature and humidity, simple interface operation.

2, heating system

equipment heat exchanger system adopts internal threaded copper tube heat exchange system, enlarging the heat exchange area, can quickly raise the drying room temperature, energy saving, high efficiency and safety. Compression system

< p> < p> < p> adopts international famous brand high efficiency scroll compressor, which has high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, stable performance and strong work.

4, circulation system

< p> adopts high temperature and humidity resistant axial flow fan and circulating fan, which has uniform air circulation, stable operation under high temperature and humidity, and is safe and reliable. Failure alarm

5, failure alarm

The whole set of equipment has self-diagnosis function. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the set value, it will protect itself, and the alarm lights and alarms are turned on and whistled, so that the operators can modify the drying parameters in time.

6, equipment structure

The whole set of equipment adopts excellent production technology in the industry, plane sheet metal design fuselage, and high-temperature corrosion-resistant baking paint process treatment, compact structure, less floor area, beautiful and generous equipment.

p>Continuous heat pump drying line for meat products meets all-weather production requirements, providing various types of drying equipment selection and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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