Sharing the advantages of microwave extrusion equipment for pigskin

- May 03, 2019 -

microwave puffing equipment belongs to high-tech pigskin puffing equipment. The equipment is produced by tunnel-type pipeline. The production environment is clean and hygienic. After the start of the equipment, only one person feeds at the feeding end and one person assists the packaging at the feeding place. The whole process of automatic pipeline production can work continuously for 24 hours. It is a good choice for enterprises in deep processing of pigskin.

Henan Pigskin Microwave Expansion Equipment Manufacturer-Microwave Equipment Company specializes in the design and customization of pigskin microwave extrusion equipment. The size of equipment can be designed and customized according to the actual production of customers. Welcome new and old friends to bring pigskin to the company for test and inspection. The company has a prototype of microwave extrusion equipment, which can be free for customers to do pigskin microwave extrusion test. Pigskin microwave extrusion equipment is a new food industry production technology. Microwave puffing equipment is widely used in fast puffing and baking of leisure food, rice products, soybean products, pigskin, fish belly, fish skin, potato chips, shrimp chips and other products.*

Pigskin Expansion Equipment Production Process: Pigskin-soaking cleaning-kicking fat-pigskin modeling-microwave drying expansion-packaging.

1. Pigskin selection: The bare pigskin after being ironed by Meat Joint Plant is free from scars, epidemics, fragments or intact.

2. Soak and wash: Soak fresh pigskin in water for 30-60 minutes, then wash it with bamboo root brush or plastic brush.

3, kick out the fat: remove the dirt on the surface with a knife, remove the subcutaneous fat, cut scars and scars,

4, pigskin shape: cut into cubes, size is controlled at 300*300 cm wide

<5, microwave drying expansion: put into microwave drying equipment after rapid microwave drying, golden or brown rolled bright blocks, and then microwave expansion processing. 。

6. Packing: Packing and storage of expanded pigskin.

Pigskin microwave puffing equipment is a pure physical process with characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The product has uniform pore shape, yellowish-white color, preserved the original nutritional ingredients, quick rehydration, non-rotten foam, no grease, good taste, and is non-fried, labor-saving, no oil smoke, clean and hygienic. It conforms to the concept of organic food. I believe that it will be bigger in the near future. The market.

Expanded Pigskin Recipe Encyclopedia: Before eating, soak in warm water for two minutes, so that the expanded pigskin absorbed a lot of water, fluffy and softened, and so on, can appear honeycomb. After extruding water, the product is flexible, soft and fragrant, with excellent flavor!

< strong> Pigskin microwave extruding equipment Characteristics:

< p> < p> 1. Microwave pigskin extruding equipment is heated rapidly, microwave heating is different from traditional heating method, and does not need heat conduction process, it makes the heated material itself become a heater, so even if the heat conductivity is poor, it can also be used. The heating temperature is reached in a very short time.

2. Microwave pigskin expanding equipment is uniform regardless of the shape of each part of the object. It can make the surface of the material permeate electromagnetic wave uniformly at the same time and generate heat energy, which is not limited by the shape of the object. Therefore, heating is more uniform, and there will be no endogenous phenomenon in the external coke. 3. Energy-saving and efficient material containing moisture is very easy to absorb microwave and heat, so, except for a small amount of transmission loss. There is almost no other loss. Compared with far infrared heating, microwave heating can save more than one third of energy.

*4. Microwave pigskin extruding equipment, anti-mildew and sterilization, without destroying the nutrient components of materials, microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, so it can kill the fungi and bacteria at lower temperature. The traditional heating method has a long heating time, which causes a large loss of nutrient components, while microwave heating is rapid, and can preserve the activity of materials and nutrient components in food to a large extent. 。

5. Microwave pigskin puffing equipment is advanced in technology, and can be continuously produced as long as the microwave power is controlled to achieve heating or termination. PLC man-machine interface can be used for programmable automation control of heating process specification. It has perfect transmission system, which can ensure continuous production and save labor.

< p> 6. The safe and harmless microwave of microwave pigskin expanding equipment is controlled to work in the heating room made of metal. The microwave leakage is effectively suppressed. There is no radiation hazard and harmful gas emission, no waste heat and dust pollution, no physical pollution and no environmental pollution. Share the advantages of pigskin microwave extruding equipment technological process, and provide a variety of*options and quotations for drying equipment. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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